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Why Origin isn’t working on Mac? And how to fix this

Is Origin no longer working on your Mac? Let me help you fix it.

Where to find Minecraft screenshots on Mac

Can't find Minecraft screenshots on the Mac? Let me help you.

Steam allowed players to see game stats of the year

Steam open the annual opportunity to view game statistics for this year.

The big winter sale on Steam is already on

The annual Steam winter sale has already begun. Hurry up and buy games at the hottest prices.

How to fix Valorant TPM 2.0 error on Windows 11

Can't get into Valorant because of a TPM 2.0 error? Let's see what you can do about it.

The Steam Deck’s 2nd-gen is probably not going to be much more powerful

The creators of Steam Deck gave a few details about the future of the second-generation device.

How to fix the Minecraft installer not working on Windows 11

Can't install Minecraft with Instaler on Windows 11? Let me help you fix it.

Microsoft released a mini hoodie for their controllers

Suffering from a controller that is too cold? Microsoft has a solution.

How to connect PS5 controller to Windows 11 PC

Not sure how to connect your new PS5 controller? Let me help you with that.

Announced new controller for Xbox Series that copies the Xbox 360 controller

Soon you will be able to buy yourself a classic controller from Xbox 360 for the new Xbox Series

Polish players collapse the God of War Ragnarok rating

One of the biggest game releases of this fall was not without problems at the start.

How to connect PS4 controller to Windows 11 PC

Did you need to connect your DualShock to Windows 11? I'll tell you how.

How to change language in Dota 2

Want to use another language in Dota 2? Here's how you can change it.

Sony announces PS VR2 release date

Sony has finally announced the start date for its new version of the VR headset.

How to accept gifts on Steam

Giving gifts is nice, but accepting them is even better!

How to view your friend’s wishlist on Steam

Want to make your friend a surprise and buy them a game on Steam? But how do you know what they really want? Read on.

How to see how much money you spent on Steam

With this trick you will know how much you've spent on gaming.

Sony shows new DualSense Edge for the PS5 costs $200

Sony has unveiled more information about its future premium controller for the PS5.

How long does Nintendo Switch take to charge?

Everything you need to know about the battery in your Nintendo Switch.

Blox Fruits level-up guide

To grow quickly in Blox Fruits you need to follow a few simple steps.

How to get Discord on PS4

One of the main drawbacks of the PS4 is the lack of Discord. However, there is a way to use it with your console.

Can you play Stray on Mac?

Want to play as a cute cat in Stray on your Mac? There are several ways to do it.

How to change language in League of Legends

Need to change language in LoL? Here's how.

How to play games on iMessage

iMessage allows you to play games with your friends directly in a public chat room.

How to fix Steam Cloud error in Windows

Here is how to check if everything is okay with synchronizing your games to your Steam Cloud.

Can you play PS3 games on PS5?

A lot of players are wondering if they can run PS3 games on their new PS5.

How to play Gomoku on iMessage

Apple has now made it possible to play games directly in the iMessage app. Including you can play the popular game Gomoku.

How to install Spectrum app on Xbox

Streaming services are quite popular today. Many users prefer to change their regular TVs to various...

How to view your purchase history on Steam

Steam purchase history is a complete record of a user's wallet transactions. Anyone can...

How to delete a Steam account

Stim is a virtual paradise for any gamer because on its expanses you can...

Here’s how to check your followers on Twitch

Twitch is a platform where people gather an audience and do everything to entertain,...

How you can get Netflix Games

Binge-watching favorite shows on Netflix and waiting for new releases is undeniably one part...

How to change your username color on Twitch

A nickname on any platform is your individual identifier among other users. It must...

How to switch characters in GTA 5

GTA is considered one of the most popular video games in the world. It...

How to register as a CEO in GTA 5

Rockstar Studios has managed to create a truly iconic universe of GTA games. GTA...

How to fix PUBG is lagging on Windows 10

If you love to play a game like PUBG, but you do not have...

How to get Heirloom shards in Apex Legends explained

Apparently, you've seen a special and unique melee accessorize that is specifically made for...

What is N-Key rollover (NKRO)?

Typing on the keyboard users don't think about how it works until they encounter...

How to give people Robux

If everything in this world were the way you want it to be, you...

What is DirectStorage on Windows 11, Windows 10 and Xbox

With Windows 11, Microsoft introduced quite a few different new features to its operating...

How to fix PC game is lagging

There's probably not a single PC user who hasn't played video games. And most...

Is Windows 11 better than Windows 10 for gaming?

If you're a fan of PC gaming and you use your Windows 10 PC...

How to prevent Steam to open on startup

If you play a lot of video games via Steam on a daily basis,...

Does it worth pre-order new Steam Deck?

Just three weeks ago, the release of the long-awaited Steam Deck, a handheld console...

How much data do you need for online gaming?

Video games play a pretty big part in people's lives. With the advent of...

How to capture only game audio in OBS

If you suddenly need the audio track from a video game or just from...

How to charge Nintendo Switch without dock

A significant disadvantage of the portable Nintendo Switch is that it must be charged...

How to use Discord with PS5

Want to play your favorite game with your friends in voice chat, but don't...

How to switch characters in GTA 5 on Xbox One

Variety your game options in GTA 5 on Xbox One can at any time...

How to factory reset Nintendo Switch Lite

Do you want to start playing Nintendo Switch like in the first days after...