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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What the color indicators on PS5 mean

The PS5’s design, particularly its bright lighting along the console’s body, has sparked some debate. This lighting, which runs beneath the side panels at the console’s core, offers a distinctive “gamer-style” aesthetic, making the PS5 a noticeable presence on any shelf. However, this feature has drawn criticism from some users who find it overly bright and distracting, especially when playing games in a dark environment.

But there’s more to this lighting than just its visual appeal. The color and pattern of the lighting are not purely for show; they serve a practical purpose by conveying important information about the console’s status. Sony’s design team has thoughtfully integrated this feature, allowing users to understand the console’s condition with just a quick glance. For instance, different colors and lighting patterns can indicate system errors, overheating issues, or various operating modes of the console.

What do power indicator lights on PS5 consoles mean

The PS5’s lighting can indicate eight scenarios: power on/off, entering rest mode, overheating, and system errors. It’s essential to understand that the lighting on the gamepad and the PS5 are independent and can signal different issues. We’ll discuss the gamepad lighting in the next section. Now, let’s examine each lighting scenario:

  • Solid White Light: This indicates that the console is on and operational. If there’s no image on your screen, check the connection cable or your TV/monitor’s settings.
  • Starts Blue, then Transitions to White: This lighting pattern appears when the console turns on. It typically lasts a few seconds, and you should see the PS5 logo on your screen.
  • Blinking White Light, then Transitions to Off: The console is completely shutting down. Remember, you can’t download games, charge controllers, or install anything when the console is off.
  • No Light: The console is entirely off.
  • Blinking Orange: This signifies that the console is entering Rest Mode.
  • Solid Orange: The PS5 is in Rest Mode. In this state, it consumes minimal energy but can still charge controllers, download games, or install updates if connected to the internet.
  • Pulsing Red Light: This is a warning that the console is overheating. Turn it off and allow it to cool down. Overheating can be harmful to your PS5. Prevent overheating by ensuring the air vent is clear, regularly cleaning the console of dust, and placing it in a well-ventilated area.
    • Also, overheating can occur if you’ve connected an M.2 SSD without a heatsink, as the PS5 only supports M.2 SSDs with heatsinks.
  • Blinking White Light, Solid Blue Light, or Blinking Blue Light: indicates that the console is frozen, usually due to a system glitch during startup or gameplay. To fix this, disconnect the console from power, wait a few minutes, and reconnect.
    • If this doesn’t resolve the issue, consider reinstalling the system using Safe Mode (more details on this link).

These lighting scenarios are also relevant for the PS4. Note that the Pro or Slim versions of the PS4 don’t have a large lighting strip on the body, but there’s a small light on the power button. If you encounter a different light indicator, feel free to ask in the comments, and I’ll assist in interpreting what it means.

What do DualSense controller lights mean

The PS5’s DualSense controller features built-in lighting, which indicates the controller’s status and is also utilized in certain games. The DualSense offers a variety of lighting modes, each with its own specific meaning. Here’s an overview of these modes:

DualSense Color ModeDescription
Solid BluePS5 controller is charged and connected as a third player.
Solid RedPS5 controller is charged and connected as a third player.
Solid GreenPS5 controller is charged and connected as the fourth player.
Solid PurplePS5 controller is charged and connected as the fourth player.
Blinking BlueConnection error or PS5 controller enter pairing mode.
Solid OrangePS5 controller has a low battery and needs charging.
Pulsing OrangePS5 controller has a system error. To Fix it, repair the controller to PS5.
Flashing Orange or Flashing WhiteConnection error or PS5 controller enters pairing mode.
Solid WhitePS5 controller is in standby mode
Orange and WhitePS5 controller connected to Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac device

If your controller is not functioning and flashes orange, white, or blue, it signifies a system error and a connectivity issue with the PS5. In such cases, press and hold the Share and PS buttons briefly. This action will switch the DualSense to pairing mode and reset its settings. Afterwards, connect it to the PS5 via a cable to pair them, and it should start working properly.

It’s important to note that the light indicators behave differently when connected to third-party devices. For instance, if you connect the controller to a PC, the lighting will consistently be orange and white, which is specific to connections with a PS5.

If you notice the lighting flashing and changing colors during gameplay, it might be an integrated game feature. For example, the controller may flash in sync with on-screen activities or turn red to indicate the low health of your game character. Therefore, if the DualSense begins flashing various colors during a game but continues to function correctly, there’s no need for concern. This is likely an intentional design aspect of the game. However, if your DualSense exhibits other unexpected color flashes, feel free to mention it in the comments for further assistance.

Is it possible to disable PS5 lights?

There is no official method for turning off the PS5 or the DualSense controller lights. While you can dim the DualSense’s brightness in the Accessories settings, completely turning off the lighting isn’t possible. The lights only turn off when the console and gamepad are disconnected.

On YouTube, there are videos where creators take apart their PS5s to remove the LED lights physically. However, I advise against this. For one, it voids the warranty, and secondly, it could damage your PS5. Additionally, if your console begins to overheat or experiences other issues, you might not notice it without the lights.



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