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What does the green “Join” button mean on iMessage

You see a green Join button in a group chat and you don't know what it means? It's actually quite simple.

How to mention someone on iMessage?

What do you need to do to make a contact see that you tagged?

How to change language in League of Legends

Need to change language in LoL? Here's how.

How to turn off silence on calls on iPhone

Here is how to fix silent incoming calls on your iPhone.

How to do a shared post on Instagram?

How does Instagram's shared posts feature work?

How to play games on iMessage

iMessage allows you to play games with your friends directly in a public chat room.

What does clicking and dragging the fill handle in Excel do?

One of the main functions in Excel is the fill handle. You should take a closer look at it, as it provides many non-obvious features.

How to fix Steam Cloud error in Windows

Here is how to check if everything is okay with synchronizing your games to your Steam Cloud.

Can you play PS3 games on PS5?

A lot of players are wondering if they can run PS3 games on their new PS5.

Refurbished vs renewed device: what is the difference?

If you are confused about what is a renewed and what is a refurbished device, then don't worry. It's pretty easy to figure it out.

How to change the Apple Notes text color?

Is it possible to change the color of text notes on your iPhone and Mac?

How to freeze the chat on Twitch

If you often watch popular streams, then you know the situation when hundreds of messages arrive in the chat room per second. For this, Twitch has a special function that "freezes" the chat.

How to play Gomoku on iMessage

Apple has now made it possible to play games directly in the iMessage app. Including you can play the popular game Gomoku.

How to duplicate a Facebook event

Facebook is one of the types of social network...

How to add haptic keyboard feedback to third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad

You can use haptic keyboard feedback on the built-in keyboard, Gboard, and Swiftkey.

How to set medication reminders on iPhone and iPad

In the latest iOS 16 update, Apple added the ability to create a medication calendar right in the Health app.

How to see Wi-Fi password on iPhone or iPad

With the new update of the iOS there are several long-awaited features that will make it as easy as possible for Apple device users to manage Wi-Fi networks.

How to find duplicate contacts and photos on iPhone

How can you organize the data on your iPhone?

How to bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone or iPad

One of the new features of iOS 16 is the ability to bypass captchas on websites.

How to batch edit photos on iPhone

This method will help you save time while editing photos.

How to turn on the battery percentage on iPhone

On some models of newer iPhones, the ability to turn on your iPhone's percentage charge level right in the battery icon is back.

How to use video text recognition on iPhone

How does Live Text work in iOS 16?

How to use remote control with your Apple devices

In a new update, Apple has added a feature with which you can remotely control your other mobile devices.

How to сut out objects from photos on iPhone or iPad

In iOS 16, developers have added the ability to automatically cut out objects from your photos and save them as a separate image.

How to unsend emails in iPhone’s Mail app

Apple has added an Undo Emails feature to its email app.

How to add widgets to the lock screen on iPhone

What can you get using widgets?

How to edit and unsend text messages on iPhone

The long-awaited delete and edit feature is now available in your iMessage.

How to cancel Paramount Plus on iPhone and iPad

Paramount Plus is a well-known streaming service which offers you a wide range of entertainment content from different networks such as CBS, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and others. Moreover, Paramount Plus also gives you an opportunity to view the original content....

How to create hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Hyperlinks can be very useful in your document. Here's how you can easily add them.

How to empty trash in Amazon Photos

If you don't have enough cloud space from Amazon, try clearing the Trash folder. Here's how you can easily do this.

How creators can make money from TikTok

TikTok is a social network where users post short...

How long does StockX take to ship an order

StockX is an innovative auction-type platform for buying and...

How to view your saved credit card numbers in Google Chrome,Firefox, Safari on PC and Mac

If you need to manage your saved credit cards in your browser, you can easily figure it out.

How to delete TikTok videos

Need to delete a TikTok video? There's nothing complicated about doing this.

What is the difference between Roku TV and Smart TV?

Not all people understand the difference between Rock TV and Smart TV. In fact, there is essentially no difference.

How to add a built-in bibliography without a preformatted heading in Microsoft Word

Sometimes you may need to add a built-in bibliography without a preformatted heading in Microsoft Word. Here's how.

How to automatically add citations and bibliography in Microsoft Word

You can easily add citations and bibliography to your Microsoft Word document using these simple steps.

What LG TV models support the Discovery plus app

Discovery plus compatibility list LG TV The time has come...

How to use Gmail confidential mode

The confidentiality of your emails must be maintained. That's why Gmail offers a handy solution.

How to use Google Docs version history

Want to keep track of your document version history? Here's how easy it is to do that.

How to use the IMAGE() function in Excel

This functions is now in beta, but you can already use it if you are Office Insider Program member.

How to forget network on Mac

If you no longer need to connect to the necessary network, you can forget it. To do this you will need to follow a few simple steps.

How to remove labels in Google Maps

Sometimes there are too many labels in Google Maps. That's why you should remove them.

How to clear order history on Amazon

If you need to delete your Amazon purchase history, it won't be easy. There are a few tricks that will help you.

How to show formulas instead of values in Google Sheets

Showing formulas instead of values in Google sheets isn't so complicated as it seems. Read on to know how it works.

How to hide playback controls from the iPhone lock screen

Unfortunately, there's no option to hide plauback controls at all. But you can do it for AirPlay.

How to enable emergency bypass on iPhone

DND mode isn't always good. Sometimes you may need to answer an emergency call.

How to change the time on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick

Want to change the time on your Amazon streaming device? Here's how you can do this using simple steps.

How to change emoji reaction in Instagram DMs

Using reaction emoji you can convey your mood without a return message. To do this, you need to create a quick reaction emoji.

How to find someone in Discord

Finding another user in discord is not difficult if you know their user tag. However, not everyone knows that there are several ways to find users without using the tag.

How to fix Google Drive “refused to connect” error

Having trouble accessing Google Drive? Here's how you can easily fix it.

What is Sleeper PC?

If you are thinking about building an unusual PC, then you should take a look at the Sleeper PC build. It will be an interesting project for you and you will be able to surprise your friends with this PC.

How to reset a forgotten Instagram password

Need to reset your password on Instagram? You can easily do it not only using your mobile device, but also using your PC.

Do you need a UPS to protect your PC from power outages?

UPS can save you in situations where the lights go out or the voltage spikes. But do you really need it if you don't have such problems?

How to add to wishlist in Google Play

Want to add an item to your Google Play wishlist? Here's how you can easily do this.

How to make a wishlist in App Store

Creating app wishlists on the App Store is sometimes necessary. However, what should you do if this feature isn't available on the App Store?

Is it safe to run a laptop with a closed lid?

Some users use the laptop in tandem with an external monitor. In that case you may wonder, is it possible to use a laptop with the lid closed?