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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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PlayStation 5 model number decode differences

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a flagship console in the “next-gen” gaming landscape. Since its initial release, the console has evolved, most notably into a Slim version. However, the various revisions it has undergone and region-specific versions are less known. It’s important to note that these different versions and revisions do not exhibit variations in power or functionality and are almost identical internally.

To identify the specific revision or version of a PS5, one can refer to the model number. This number is found on the bottom of the console and typically comprises 7 to 8 characters, extending to 10 characters for models sold in Japan. The model number is a key to understanding several aspects of the console: it indicates the production region, the specific revision, the model type, and, for the original PS5 models, whether it includes a disk drive.

How to decode PlayStation 5 model number

The PS5 model numbers follow a format like ‘CFI-xxxxx’. ‘CFI’ is always at the start, signifying it’s a PS5. The first digit after ‘CFI’ shows if it’s standard or Slim. The next digit is the revision number. The last two digits tell you the production region. Sometimes, there’s a letter at the end, indicating a disk drive. This letter is not used in the Slim version because the disk drive is removable. So, ‘CFI-1114B’ tells us about the PS5’s type, its revision, where it was made, and that it has a disk drive.

Model number partExample descriptionOther codes explanation
PS5 code (CFI)Mean this is PS5
PS5 model (1)This means this is a second revision1 – Standart PS5
2 – Slim PS5
Revision (1)This means this is Standart PS5 edition (both Digital and Disc)0 – first revision
1 – second revision
2 – third revision
Region (14)This means this is the second revision00 – Japan
02 – Australia
08 – Russia, Ukraine, India, Central Asia
14 – Mexico, Central America, South America
15 – US, Canada (North America)
16 – Europe, Middle East, Africa
18 – Singapore, other Asian countries
Disk drive (B)Mean this is PS5 DigitalA – PS5 with Disk drive
B – PS5 Digital
A01 – PS5 with Disk drive (Japan only)
B01 – PS5 Digital (Japan only)

Based on the information above, it’s clear that the PS5 model number CFI-1114B refers to a standard, second-revision PS5 intended for the markets of Mexico, Central America, and South America, and it lacks a disk drive. This method applies to interpreting any PS5 model number. There are also unique model numbers: DFI-T1000AA for the PS5 Developer Testkit and DFI-D1000AA for the Developer Kit. As new PS5 versions or further revisions will release, the above table might change, and I will update it as needed. Feel free to write your model number in the comments so I can help you decipher it.

Where you can find PlayStation 5 model number

You have two main options for locating your PS5’s model number: checking the console itself or its packaging. When positioned vertically on the console, the model number is found on the bottom side. This area contains various details about your console, with the model number usually in the upper-left corner. Look for a code beginning with “CFI” – this is your model number.

The model number is also printed on the console’s box, generally near the bottom, close to the barcode, and the console’s serial number. If you’re considering a pre-owned PS5, ensuring that the serial and model numbers on the box correspond with those on the actual console is crucial. This is a key step in verifying the authenticity and matching details of the PS5 you’re purchasing.

How to find PS5 production date?

The PS5’s production date can be found on the console’s bottom. Look for the ‘Manufactured’ label, followed by the year and month of production, as illustrated in the picture below.

In addition, certain PS5 versions incorporate the production year within their serial number. To decipher this, focus on the serial number’s 4th, 5th, and 6th digits. The first two digits indicate the year, while the third digit specifies the month. The letters ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ in the serial number correspond to the months of October, November, and December, respectively.

However, as previously noted, interpreting the serial code is not always straightforward. This method applies primarily to models available in the European region. In other regions, the serial code tends to be a random sequence of digits that doesn’t follow a discernible pattern. This variability means that the serial number’s format and its information can differ based on the geographical area of the PS5’s distribution.



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