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How to see your KD ratio in Destiny 2 in a few simple steps

Often to understand how good you’re at playing a particular game, you need to look at your stats. If we’re talking about online shooters, then the main parameter of statistics that you should pay attention to is the ratio of kills to deaths.

The parameter shows the ratio of kills made by you and your deaths. Looking at the stats of your opponents in Destiny 2, mainly the KD Ratio is a natural thing to do when trying to improve your gameplay by assessing your skills.

How to explain various ratios of deaths and kills for games

Before using the check method, it’s important to understand what the various ratios are in order to draw the right conclusions:

  • The KD ratio measures a player’s skill. Its formula is as follows: Total number of kills / Total number of deaths.
  • The KA/D factor takes into account both your kills and assists. It gives one whole point per assist and is calculated by the formula: Total kills + Total assists / Total deaths.
  • KD/A only counts half of your assists points. The formula is as follows: Total kills + (Total assists / 2) / Total deaths.

How to check your KD in Destiny 2 explained

There are two main ways to check your KD in Destiny 2. They’re both valid regardless of the platform you use to play. Read on for more details on these.

How to check your KD in Destiny 2 using sites

You cannot check your KD Ratio in Destiny 2 itself. For that, you’ll need to use third-party sites such as DestinyKD and Destiny Tracker to check your KD Ratio.

How to check your KD in Destiny 2 with DestinyKD

You can track your keepers’ progress in Destiny PVP and consult with them using DestinyKD. As a specialized site for Destiny’s Crucible PVP, it offers stats for each game mode separately, regardless of which platform you use for Destiny 2. To view a player’s stats, enter their full name and Bungie code: BungieName#0000.

In addition to KD, you can also check how many kills you need to improve your KD ratio, as well as your Loadout, subclass, and results in previous Crucible matches.

Daily KD Ratio and asses tracking are recorded automatically after every Crucible game. Therefore, you don’t need to include them manually.

To switch between characters after searching by gamer tag, click on the Settings button. It’s located in the upper left corner. Note that the last active character is loaded first.

How to check your KD in Destiny 2 with Destiny Tracker

An alternative to Destiny KD is Destiny Tracker. In itself, Destiny Tracker is part of a collection of sites that track and analyze data from various games to convey important information about a player, such as your KD odds. On Destiny Tracker, you’ll find the following statistics:

  • Your progression.
  • Ranks.
  • Match history.
  • Your keepers.
  • Your gear.
  • Leaderboard.

A useful bonus of this resource is that you can also check out their Destiny 2 database. This is a good source of feedback on weapons and other items from other Destiny 2 players.

How to explain KD ratio formula

The KD Ratio can be deciphered very simply. If it’s 1.0 for example, it means one kill per death. The higher the number from 1.0, the better you’re, and vice versa.

When checking, keep in mind that your KD ratio may differ from site to site because of several formulas and methodologies.

For example, unlike other sources, the DestinyKD site doesn’t round your kills from 0.99 to 1.00. If it’s important to you to have more accurate data, it’s better to look at the information just on the same site.

Also, although you can check the stats of your recent matches in private mode, private match data isn’t included in the stats of the other game modes. This means that private matches don’t affect your KD odds.



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