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FixHow to fix PS5 won't turn on

How to fix PS5 won’t turn on

The new era of video games is here, and the PlayStation 5 is now available to everyone. And the wait was worth it because the novelty was much more powerful than its predecessor. Moreover, with PS5, you can enjoy 4K, three-dimensional sound, and a completely new interface and innovative gamepad.

Like any other console, the PS5 had a lot of problems at the start. A raw operating system is the traditional weakness of almost any fresh console, but the 2020 coronavirus also had a negative impact.

For this reason, many customers encountered unpleasant bugs almost immediately. Sometimes it even happens that the console simply doesn’t start. What to do in this case?

Well, here’s how to fix your PS5 when it won’t turn on.

What is the reason of your PS5 won’t turn on

In most cases, the problem is purely software-based, and thus can be eliminated by your own efforts and at home.

The PS5 has a bug that may cause the console not to start after going to rest mode. The easiest solution to this problem is to hold down the power button for 15 seconds. There are also some possible reasons why your PlayStation won’t work:

  • Problems with the PS5 system software.
  • Problems with the power supply.
  • Dust and dirt inside the console.
  • Problems with your console’s internal hardware.

If the PS5 is booting in safe mode, it’s most likely a software problem. If the PS5 is completely unresponsive, then you have a hardware problem.

How to fix PS5 won’t turn on in different ways

Sometimes to fix problems with your PS5, you just have to reboot it. However, there are times when this isn’t enough. Here are ways to fix the problem when your PS5 won’t boot:

  • First of all, you can try to manually reboot your PS5.
    • If the console doesn’t turn on after going to Rest Mode, hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
    • The console will restart and you will see a warning message.
  • If manually reboot doesn’t help, you can try to unplug the power supply.
    • Unplug the power adapter from the PS5 and the power outlet for 30 seconds.
    • Plug the power supply back in, then try turning the console back on.
  • To solve the proble you can also try to insert the game disc.
    • If your PS5 is the standard version and the disc drive is empty, carefully try to insert the game disc.
    • If the PS5 automatically inserts the disc, the console may start up normally.
  • Power cycle your PS5.
    • If the console turns on but doesn’t start, hold down the power button until the flashing LED goes out.
    • Unplug the power supply and leave the console for 20 minutes, then plug it back in and try turning the system back on.
  • Use a different power cable.
    • The PS5 uses the same standard IEC C7 power cable as the PS4 and PS3.
    • If you have one of the older consoles, swap the power cords and see if that fixes the problem. You can find a replacement cable at any electronics store if needed.
  • Use a different outlet.
    • The problem might be an extension cord, surge protector, or wall outlet.
    • If other devices cannot get power from the same outlet, try plugging the PS5 in a different location.

If your PS5 shuts down shortly after booting up, doesn’t turn on at all, or keeps freezing, your PlayStation 5 may have an internal power problem. The best solution in this situation is to contact Sony representatives immediately.

Before doing so, however, make sure that no external storage device (disk, flash drive) is connected to your console. Some users have found that all problems with the console disappeared after disconnecting the external drive.



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