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ConferencingDiscordHow to connect Discord to PlayStation Network Account

How to connect Discord to PlayStation Network Account

Sony has recently announced a collaboration with Discord. The latter is probably known to many gamers as the most convenient service for chatting and creating a place where you can gather a group of people from a certain community and be always in touch. Before that, Diskord was available on the PC, while console players, including PS4 and PS5, had to open a browser or other device to connect with their friends in Diskord for their own games. Now Sony is taking steps towards its users and is slowly developing in the direction of making Diskord fully imported to consoles.

Well, it’s allowed to dream a bit, though you should not go that far, for now, it’s available in the UK and US at the time of writing, with rollout slowly reaching more territories over time.

It’s also worth mentioning that Discord is just beginning to slowly integrate into the routine of console users, but doesn’t offer the same opportunities as for PC users. For example, don’t even count on basic chat during the game or so. In this article, there are only a couple of guides on how to link your PlayStation Network account to Discord.

However, don’t be disappointed, because this feature will give you some possibilities, which will be described in detail below.

How to Connect PSN to Discord

So, you have decided that you should connect your PS account and Discord, but it’s worth noting that if you cannot find this function in your country, it’s possible that it has not yet appeared in your region. It’s worth waiting a bit. Nevertheless, for those who have it, you can connect your PS account to Discord via any platform, whether it’s Android, iOS, PC, etc.

As a result, by connecting your PS account to Discord, your friends will be able to see you under your PS username, as well as others will be able to see how you play your favorite game from your console, same to the PC players. Not quite what everyone has been expecting for a very long time, but not all at once.

Here’s a quick guide on how to connect your PS account to Discord:

  • Open Discord and select User Settings. On desktop, it’s the cog icon. On mobile, swipe right and tap your profile picture
  • Select Connections. On mobile, you also need to tap Add
  • Select the PlayStation Network icon
  • This opens a browser window for Sony’s website. Sign in, if you’re not already. Then, if you agree to share your PSN data with Discord, click Accept
  • Once complete, you will see a message that reads: Connected your PlayStation Network account to Discord. You can then close the browser window

How to Customize Discord’s PSN Integration

Once you connect your PSN account, go back to the Connections page on Discord. There, you should face your PSN profile listed.

Both Display on profile and Display PlayStation Network as your status should be enabled by default. The first one shows a link to your PSN profile to your Discord profile and the second one demonstrates what PS4 or PS5 game you’re playing currently as your Discord status.

However, if your Discord status isn’t showing as it should, it can be corrected by going to the settings:

  • On the PS4, go to Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings > Personal Info
  • On the PS5, go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Privacy > View and Customize Your Privacy Settings
  • After that, set Online Status and Now Playing to Anyone

Your Discord status will update to reflect the change at a time.

And by the way, the PSN isn’t the only one who has integrated into Discord, but also Steam, Twitch, Spotify, Xbox, and more, which can be linked to your Discord. This can all be configured in the Discord settings.



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