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ComputingHow to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop explained

How to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop explained

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that has created a kinda hype and, most importantly, set a record for sales, 55 million copies. After this, portable consoles gained popularity and even non-gamers started buying this device to play.

The Switch is provided with a great screen for a mobile device and has great customized wireless joysticks. The game library of the Nintendo is amazing, many exclusive AAA games may be downloaded. The Nintendo Dock is a significant aspect. Nintendo Switch is a perfect device to use at work and in your free time.

Being home, the dock can be used to connect your Nintendo Switch to the monitor or TV. Definitely, enjoying games on a larger screen is more pleasant. Surely, not all people may have access to TVs or monitors, in this case, you may connect your console to the laptop.

Is it possible to connect to the laptop

Unfortunately, it is impossible to connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop directly. The Nintendo Dock is the only way to connect. It has and HDMI output port. The Switch is connected to monitors and TVs by HDMI cables.

As laptops also have HDMI output ports, both Docks and laptops can feed their data/screen to other devices that accept HDMI input, but they can’t take any input via the HDMI.

Things that you need:

  • The Nintendo Switch.
  • Laptop.
  • Nintendo Dock – it comes with the console.
  • Game capture card. It is initially made for streaming consoles gameplay via PC. It works as a connector, as it has both HDMI input port, HDMI output port, and USB port that can transfer connectivity to laptop’s OS.
  • HDMI cables. You need only one. There are 2 cables which come with the capture cars’s box and the Switch. Both of them will work good.
  • Software. The software is needed to use the capture card. The software may be download for free from the manufacturer’s website.

How to connect the Nintendo Switch to the laptop

  • First. connect the Nintendo Switch to the Nintendo Dock. Just plug in the cable of the Dock to the Type-C connector of the Switch.
  • Then, the Nintendo Dock with the capture card via HDMI cable should be plugged into the “HDMI in” port of the card.
  • After that, you should open the Capture Software on the laptop.
  • While docked, the device should be switched on.
  • Take the USB cable and connect the game capture card with your laptop. A few seconds later, the Home Screen of the Nintendo Switch will appear on the laptop.
  • The Joy-Con is used to control the Switch on the laptop. To fully enjoy the big-screen, you can enter the full screen regime. You can also enjoy recording your gameplay, back recording feature, chatting and live commentary.

Furthermore, while gaming with the Switch, you may feel all advantages of your PC. That is like a jackpot, which offers multitasking at its best.

So, all in all, if you really enjoy more to play on a bigger screen, connecting your console to the laptop is a good and easy idea.



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