As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How We Review Products

Our team of experts always conducts offline product tests to give you a complete picture of what the product is all about. While these reviews don’t usually fall under the “Your Money, Your Life” category, we consider them such content because they influence your buying decisions and how you spend your money.

When we write a review, we realize that people read them to choose the best product worth their money. That’s why we need to provide complete information that you can trust.

Our Team

You can meet our team here. These people are experts in their fields and have many years of experience in consumer electronics. But beyond that, we are also consumers who make purchasing decisions just like our readers. That’s why we write reviews like we’d like to see them on other sites: unbiased, comprehensive, and with real experience.

What We Do?

Each review has clear information about how the test was conducted: how much the author used the product, where and at what price it was purchased, and for what price. All our reviews are independent, and we do not receive products for review from brands so that there is no conflict of interest. Usually, we purchase the product with our own money and then sell it after the review. Often, reviews include such things as subjectivity because each writer is describing the product from their perspective. To make them more objective, we often also read reviews in other media and discussions on Reddit or the brand’s community to understand what problems or features other people have had.

When we write a review, we try to categorize the products so that our writers with the highest expertise in the specific products write about them. If we talk about TVs, this will usually be Anatoliy Mashirenko or Valeriy Artamonov. If we talk about Apple appliances, it will be Vladislav Mashirenko or Vlada Komar. If we plan to write a review of a computer or its components, it will be Ivan Makhinya or Valeriy Artamonov. This approach allows us to divide responsibilities within our small team so that the person with the most experience writes about a particular product.

We are members of the Amazon affiliate program and may receive a commission for some purchases, but this does not affect the quality of reviews in any way.

Once published, we regularly update reviews to include new information, such as “experience of use for six months.” Usually, we use a product for at least two weeks to review it. This time allows us to not just do a “first look” but to use the product in the real world, in real scenarios, and thus talk about the actual experience of using it.

An example of how to properly evaluate headphones is by not only assessing the quality of the case, sound, or materials. It’s also important to use them in various scenarios, such as when walking outside in rainy weather, working out at the gym, running, and other real-world situations. By doing so, we can properly evaluate their performance and suitability for different uses. This approach to reviews makes them truly applicable to real life because the author describes how he used the products for a long time.

To ensure a more objective review, we conduct a series of tests and complete a questionnaire tailored to the product category. This approach varies depending on the type of product we are evaluating. For example, we evaluate a TV’s brightness and how it performs in different scenarios (watching a movie, using it as a monitor for a gaming console, or watching content in the dark and bright daylight), or for soundbars, we pay more attention to ease of connection and sound quality. This is how each category of products is evaluated according to different criteria.

We also usually aim to buy several products with similar features simultaneously to write a review and compare them with products and competitors to show readers how they perform.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

It’s up to you to trust or not, and we recommend reading our reviews and reviews on other reputable media such as PCMag, TechRadar, and Lifewire. This will help you make the right buying decision and learn more about the product.

But we believe you can trust us, and here are five reasons why:

  • All reviews are written by our team only, and we don’t involve outside people, including company representatives or sales reps, to write reviews.
  • Our reviews are independent. We don’t get paid for them or the products we review; we always buy them at our own expense.
  • We test any product for at least two weeks before publishing a review and have a sophisticated writing system that includes tests and a questionnaire to ensure unbiased product coverage.
  • All products are tested under real conditions in real-use scenarios.
  • Our writers have years of experience in the technical field, so they don’t just describe the experience of using a product but do so from a professional perspective.



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