As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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About Tab-TV is an independently owned website focused on technology and how it shapes the world around us. operates independently, free from affiliation with any media brand or collaboration with other companies regarding the information we provide. Our editorial independence extends to legal matters and encompasses all aspects of our editorial policy. With no bosses or superiors, each author autonomously makes decisions, writes articles, and disseminates information without external directives.

Founded in 2013, our mission is to assist our readers in navigating the complexities of technology. Our team of authors leverages their expertise, knowledge, and skills to enhance readers’ understanding of everything tech. With an audience of approximately 1 million readers a month, we strive to address issues that concern everyone who faces technology, ranging from explaining TV models to responding to daily questions from our readers.

We prioritize real-world experience and genuine knowledge to avoid succumbing to marketing hype and tech industry noise. We will tell you if we identify a new feature as a marketing trick.

Our focus extends beyond writing about technology; we engage daily with everything tech. Real-world experiences, authentic opinions, and our perspectives on technology are what we rely on when creating content. When discussing a topic, we always apply it to our own experiences, aiming to assist readers in the same way we would want assistance if we were in their position. Recognizing that not everyone has the time to become technology experts, we strive to explain and communicate in a manner that is accessible to all, no matter your expertise level.

Our story

The story of Tab-TV began in 2013 with the launch of However, its roots trace back to 2012 when I created a blog on Blogspot (yes, it was still alive then): This Russian-language blog aimed to share my experiences and interests primarily focused on televisions and other electronics.

In 2013, I launched Tab-TV, an independent platform that helps me effectively share information.

Since then, a lot has changed. Now, we have a team of authors who cover not only TVs but other electronics as well. But one thing remains unchanged – the desire to share information with others.

Why trust us?

This decision ultimately rests with you; a critical approach is always advisable.

But there are compelling reasons to consider us a reliable source. Industry leaders, including brands such as Samsung and LG, trust us; for example, they use our model number decoding for their devices in official website guides. Additionally, well-known industry-leading media brands like Lifehacker, ZDNET, and Forbes mention us and our content in their articles or have links to our articles. Moreover, our content finds application in community discussions and forums, including Reddit, Quora, Samsung Community, AVForums, and others. Our work is also cited as a source on Wikipedia.

Here’s our Editorial Guidelines.

Our team

We rely on a boss-free approach to organize our work. You can learn more about our team here.

Here are some of the people who work on creating content for Tab-TV:

Contact us

If you want to contact us, here’s the ways:



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