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GamingCan you play 3DS games on Nintendo Switch explained

Can you play 3DS games on Nintendo Switch explained

The Switch console is a revolutionary approach to the gaming industry. It is a portable and stationary console – which is akin to the previously released PSP and PS Vita. The small screen has a sufficient pixel density (1280×720), which is facilitated by the use of a modern LCD matrix. What does this mean? It’s very simple – even on the small screen, it is easy to see the smallest details of the characters.

As for the usability of the console – there are nuances. In particular, the ergonomics of the keyboard layout is quite unusual, especially for those who are used to playing with gamepads. Therefore you will have to get used to the location. In particular, people with long fingers and large palms suffer, because the location of the right analog stick is almost at the edge of the body, which creates some inconvenience when turning the stick down.

However, if you want to upgrade from your Nintendo 3DS to the Switch, you definitely want to know if you can play the same games. So, here is about whether you can play 3DS games on Nintendo Switch.

Can the Nintendo Switch run 3DS games or not

Perhaps you have been waiting for a Nintendo Switch with better battery life, or another one focused on portability rather than the slightly clunky current Switch. The Switch is certainly a compelling replacement for Nintendo’s outdated 3DS, especially at a lower price point. But what about your current 3DS game library? Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch can’t play 3DS games.

Why is there no backward compatibility with the Switch and 3DS

For physical Nintendo 3DS games, the answer is simple because the cartridges are completely different sizes, but digital games aren’t compatible either. Unfortunately, the answer comes on the second screen. Since the DS and 3DS have a second screen, which is an important part of most games on those systems, it would be difficult for them to replicate that experience on the Switch.

It’s certainly not impossible, but it would require more work than simply plugging in a 3DS cartridge. Since none of the 3DS or DS games have even been re-released on the Switch for sale, it’s probably harder than it might seem. Then you’ll have to keep your 3DS if you still need to finish Metroid: Samus Returns.

Differences betwenn 3DS and Switch in card shape and size

The first difference when it comes to 3DS games on the Nintendo Switch is that the game cartridges for the 3DS are different in size and shape from those for the Switch. But that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from providing backward compatibility in the past. After all, Nintendo included a Game Boy game cartridge port on the Game Boy Advance. And the Game Boy Advance cartridge port was included in the Nintendo DS.

But Nintendo didn’t include a port for the 3DS. And it was probably because of cost and hardware differences that the 3DS game cartridge port was excluded from the Switch design. Digital games are not available on the system for some of the reasons listed below, but mostly due to hardware limitations and differences.



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