As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.


visionOS: What is it

This article will help you understand what makes visionOS so unique.

How to control visionOS

Vision OS offers a quartet of control methods: voice, gaze, gestures, and connected devices, providing a versatile and intuitive user interface. Description of control methods...

How to get Hulu on your Apple TV explained

Yes, you can install Hulu on Apple TV from Apple HD to Apple 4K. But it's useless if you live outside the US because...

How to find your Apple TV model number?

The model number is an identifier that Apple assigns to each version of its devices. Once you know your Apple TV's model number, you...

Apple TV models by year of release

The model number for Apple TV is random and doesn't follow a specific pattern, making it impossible to decode independently. Here is a list with the specifications of all Apple TV models.

AirPods generations by year

It's been 8 years since the first AirPods dropped, so let's check out the models that have come out since then.

Recover deleted photos on iPhone after deleting from “Recently Deleted”

To restore your iPhone photos you will need a backup. So follow the steps in this article.

How to turn on Stolen Device Protection on iPhone

If you enable this option, it will secure your iPhone.

How do I know if my iPad is original by serial number?

That's easy to figure out. However, searching by serial number will not be 100% exact.

Does it worth buying Apple Vision Pro?

I'll try to help you decide whether you should buy the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Watch GPS or Cellular: What is better to buy?

The GPS model suits most users for everyday needs and fitness tracking with an iPhone nearby, while the GPS + Cellular model offers independence for calls, texts, and data without a phone, at a higher cost.

Why is the iPhone camera blinking

Let's take a look at the methods to effectively fix iPhone camera blinking problem.

How Apple’s homepage changed through the time

The article covers the evolution of Apple's homepage, highlighting major design changes, technological advances, and changes in marketing strategy over the years.

Next iPad Pro may have a MagSafe: Here’s why it’s cool

The next iPad Pro might feature MagSafe technology, offering convenient, fast charging, and easy attachment of accessories, enhancing usability and functionality.

Should you wait for a new iPad Pro?

You should wait for the new iPad Pro, as Apple is expected to unveil something more revolutionary than the standard iPad.

How to see the time with seconds on iPhone

View seconds on iPhone via Clock app icon, adding Clock widget, downloading Flip Clock app, or using StandBy feature in iOS 17.

iPhone 15 vs. 15 Pro: What are the differences?

Does the iPhone 15 Pro really have features that are worth the extra $200?

How to decode the Apple Watch model number

If you know Apple Watch's model number, you can find the watch's release year, name, and even the region where it was produced, and my table will help you with this.

How to know how old is your iPad

To determine your iPad's age, contact Apple Support for newer models. For iPads made before 2021, decode the manufacturing date from the serial number using two characters or online services.

Every Apple Watch ever released, in order

Detailing every Apple Watch model from Series 0 in 2014 to Series 9 in 2023, this overview highlights their evolutionary journey and release dates.

iOS 17.4 updates iPhone’s Clock app – one of the oldest apps

The update includes a small but important change to the stopwatch function.

How MacOS default wallpaper changed over time

Exploring Apple's MacOS wallpaper evolution from 2001-2023, reflecting technological and design shifts alongside personal insights on each era's aesthetic.

MacBook Pro vs Mac Studio: which one is worth buying

The MacBook Pro and Mac Studio are close in performance, but for different purposes.

How to open the iPhone’s SIM card tray without the ejector tool

If you don't have a tool to remove the SIM card, you can use other things.

What is better to choose: an Android tablet or iPad?

This article will help you decide what to buy, an Android tablet or an iPad?

Can you charge iPhone iPad with other chargers?

You can charge your iPhone iPad with a different charger however there are some nuances to consider.

How to fix AirPods Max not charging

There are several solutions to this problem. Check the port and cable. Then you will need to force restart and reset your AirPods Max.

How to fix AirPods connected but no sound

A variety of factors can cause AirPods to be connected but no sound. Let's find out why AirPods are connected but no sound.

How to unblock someone on Apple Music

You can unblock someone on Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. You have 2 methods to do this. Here is more detail.

Why you can’t unsend messages on iPhone?

The option to unsend is only available on iOS 16 and newer. The recipient must also have iOS 16 and newer for undo send...

How to print on a Mac

To print on the Mac all you have to do is click Print from the panel at the top.

How to change scrolling direction on Mac

You can change the scrolling direction and change the scrolling speed. You can control these options for the touchpad and mouse.

Can you charge AirPods in a different case?

If you need to charge AirPods with another case, you can do so. You can use either an original Apple case or a third-party case that supports your AirPods.

How to make the iPad keyboard bigger

You only need a couple of taps to turn off floating and split keyboards. There's more about it in this article.

Does AirTag make noise?

Your AirTag may be beeping when it's away from your device or is travelling for a lot of time with another Apple device.

What does orange light on Airpods mean

The orange light on AirPods usually indicates that the earbuds are low on battery, but it can be different.

How to double click on Mac

On Mac, the double-click feature works similarly to other operating systems.

How to hide, view, and unhide photos on an iPhone

The "Hide" function simply moves the photos to the Hidden album and prevents them from showing up in your main photo view, Moments, and Years.

How to delete subscriptions on iPhone

It's important to understand the difference between deleting a subscription and canceling it. You cannot delete expired subscriptions, but you can cancel a subscription in a couple of taps.

What does the other person see when you hide alerts on your iPhone?

On iPhone, you can hide alerts for a specific chat in Messages. And if you do this, no one will know.

Will your alarm go off if you’re on FaceTime?

If you're worried that you won't hear your alarm while FaceTime call, let me explain how it works.

How to fix AirDrop No People Found issue

Understanding the root causes and knowing how to fix "No People Found" will help users maximize the full benefits of AirDrop.

Does Airdrop anonymous?

Find out if you can send files to someone anonymously.

Does it worth buying iMac? Yes, here are 7 reasons why

I like the iMac and for good reason. Let's get to the bottom of it.

Why doesn’t the AirDrop name change?

This article was created to understand the main reasons that prevent you from changing the name of your Apple device and therefore your AirDrop name.

iPad 9th Gen vs iPad 10th Gen: which one is better to buy?

If you don't know which iPad to buy: iPad 9 or iPad 10, then buy the iPad 10 and here's why.

How to record internal audio on Mac

Here's how to use the Blackhole tool in combination with Audacity to record internal audio on your Mac.

How to clean iPhone lightning port

You should clean the Lightning port no more often than every few months. It should be done using a flashlight, toothpicks and compressed air.

How to delete a number from the eSIM on your iPhone

If you need to remove the extra eSM from your iPhone, then to do so you need to go to Settings and select mobile data. There you will find a list of connected eSIMs and you can delete any of them.

How to change AirDrop name

AirDrop name is the name of your device. In the settings, you can change the name, transfer settings, and more.