As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.


Asus laptop series list explained

If you choose an Asus laptop, you probably notice the abundance of series and categories, not to mention models. Asus divides its laptops primarily...

Samsung Monitor Series and Models

Samsung divides its monitors into separate segments, each of which takes into account the specific needs of the user. There are actually a lot...

HP Laptop: product lines, series, who makes

HP offers a wide range of laptops that can be divided into product lines by purpose or by a powerful feature that sets them...

How to decode Sceptre monitor model number

The model number of Sceptre monitors gives information about the screen size, resolution and series.

How many Gmail accounts can you have with one phone number?

Do you want to create an additional Gmail account using your phone number? Let me tell you if it's possible.

How to switch characters in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is the pinnacle of the gaming world, known for its intricate narrative and addictive gameplay. Released in 2013...

How to fix the Xfinity router blinking orange

Xfinity router blinking orange most often means that the router is being upgraded, but it can also indicate connectivity problems.

Sony Bravia TVs with HDCP support by year

All Sony TVs have supported HDCP since 2013. If you have a TV with Full HD resolution or lower, it supports HDCP 1.4.

HDCP 2.2 vs HDCP 2.3 differences, compatibility

HDCP 2.3 is compatible with HDCP 2.2. If your TV has HDCP 2.2, it works with HDCP 2.3 devices.

What does Alt+F4 do

In this article you can learn more about shortcuts in Windows.

How to fix a red screen on a PC or laptop

A red screen often results from a display-PC connection issue or a loose ribbon cable connecting the laptop display. System issues might rarely contribute to the problem.

How to find a graphic card you have on your PC

If you need to find out which Video Card is installed in your PC, you can use these methods: Settings, Task Manager, Device Manager, DirectX Diagnostic Tool, third-party applications, or simply remove the cover of your PC and look inside.

What GPU should you choose in 2023

Still can't decide which video card to choose? If you want a quick opinion, I like the Nvidia 4070 better, but read more about the different options in this article.

How much RAM is enough for gaming

If you decide to buy yourself more RAM, don't rush to spend all your money. For gaming these days you need at least 8GB, but it's better to get 16GB at once.

How to run Windows software on Linux

If you want to run Windows programs on Linux, you can use Wine, Virtual Machine or PlayOnLinux. You can also use dual-boot technology to install both Windows and Linux on your computer.

How to use MSI M-Flash

MSI M-Flash is a feature that allows you to quickly update or flash your MSI motherboard. To do this, you need to first download the required driver from the MSI website and then run M-Flash in the BIOS.

How to check the file size in Linux

There are 3 basic commands to check the file size.

How to check PC or laptop model number in Windows

If you want to know the model of your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, you can do it in Settings or by using a sticker that should be taped to the back of your computer. There are also a few alternative ways.

What is F: Drive on the computer?

The F: Drive is the 4th drive in your computer, as the letters are assigned alpabetically, starting from C: drive.

How to change the printer IP address

You can easily change your printer IP address using settings on your Windows or Mac. What's more, there's an option to do it via web browser.

How to make a cent sign on keyboard

Cent isn't one of symbols that are easy-to-access, so most people even don't know how to make ¢ symbol. But that's easy, especially on Mac on iPhone.

How to check battery health on Windows

Checking your laptop's battery health is an important way to ensure that your laptop will continue to function properly. By following the tips in this article, you can easily check your battery's health.

How to turn off automatic updates on Windows

Automatic updates are essential for keeping your system secure and up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. However, some users may prefer to have more control over their system's update process. To be more specific, updates can be paused.

How to fix the 1324 error in the folder path

If you encounter 1324 error in the folder path, you should try installing the program using a different profile, then check the folder shell with the registry and find the unsupported character in the registry.

How to fix Chromebook Bluetooth not working

To fix problems with Bluetooth connection to Chromebook you need to: Restart Chromebook and Bluetooth device, update firmware, check if the Bluetooth device works and move it closer to Chromebook.

How much thermal paste do you need for the CPU

To keep the CPU running efficiently and avoid overheating, thermal paste plays a vital role. But how much thermal paste do you really need for the CPU?

How to disable touchscreen on Windows

Touchscreens are a convenient way to interact with a computer, but they can also be a distraction or nuisance. If you're looking to disable your touchscreen, there are a few different ways to do it.

Is it safe to run a laptop with a closed lid?

Some users use the laptop in tandem with an external monitor. In that case you may wonder, is it possible to use a laptop with the lid closed?

How to turn off voice control on Chromebook

Can't turn off Voice Control in Chromebook? Let me help you with that.

How to add a user to a group on Linux

To add an existing user account to a group, employ the "usermod" command with the "-a -G" options. You should write firstly group name and then the user name you wish to add.

How to change screen timeout on Mac

In this article, we will discuss how to manage screen timeout on Mac, including adjusting the settings for screen sleep, screen saver timeout, and password request duration.

How to go incognito on Chromebook

Want to use an incognito mode on your Chromebook? Here's how.

How to turn off touch screen on Chromebook

Want to disable touch screen on your Chromebook? Here's how.

How to stop screen recording on Mac

To manage screen recording on the Mac, you should read this article.

How to use a Mac Magic Keyboard on Windows PC

Here you will learn how to use Magic Keyboard on your Windows PC

How to turn off split screen on iPad

This article will help you turn off split screen on iPad.

How to get sound from a laptop to a TV with HDMI

Can't get sound from your laptop to the TV? Let me show you how.

How to check Wi-Fi signal strength on a PC

This article will help you check the Wi-Fi signal strength on your PC and improve it.

How to use a custom cursor in Windows

Looking for a way to set a custom cursor in Windows? Let me help you with that.

How to mirror Android to PC

Want to mirror your Android device to PC or laptop? Here's how.

How to connect AirPods to a Dell laptop

Do you need to connect your AirPods to a Dell laptop? This article can help you.

How to get page numbers on Kindle

Do you want the book page on Kindle to be displayed to you? Let me show you how to do it.

How to remove an account from Chromebook

This article will help you remove unnecessary accounts from your Chromebook.

How to enable location services on Amazon Fire Tablet

Want to enable location services on your Amazon Fire Tablet? Here's how you can do it.

How to turn off auto-brightness on Windows 11

Does Auto Brightness in Windows 11 bother you? Let me help you get rid of it.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop

Want to connect your Nintendo Switch to your laptop? Let me help you with that.

How to reboot a Lenovo laptop

Don't understand how you can restart your Lenovo laptop? Let me help you with that.

How to cast phone to laptop

Want to cast your iPhone or Android to laptop? Here's how you can do it.

How to add a printer to Windows 11

Are you having trouble adding a printer to Windows 11? Let me help you with that.

How to fix a Chromebook that won’t turn on

Your Chromebook won't turn on? Here's how you can fix it.