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GamingCan you put a password on Nintendo Switch? Here's how

Can you put a password on Nintendo Switch? Here’s how

All people value privacy. Especially in today’s world where all information is digitized. You probably don’t want anyone to be able to see your personal data without your knowledge. The same goes for the game, especially online projects or games where you worked long and hard to get the best possible equipment and rank level. No one would want a random visitor to your console to spoil all your progress. For this reason, many devices people put passwords or pin codes to enter and play could only the person to whom you have previously told the code and warned what to do and what not.

This function exists on many modern consoles, such as the PS5. But is there such a possibility in the portable console from Nintendo – Nintendo Switch?

Is there a password protection on the Nintendo Switch

At the moment there is no such feature officially. Maybe Nintendo will add this feature in future patches, but today it is simply impossible to do it with built-in features. But you can resort to a little trick. The Parental Controls can protect your console from unauthorized logins. You can install Parental Controls on all applications on your list and then they cannot be started without a special code. This is not the most convenient option, but it works.

How to set a Parental Control on a Switch

To install parental controls you will need a cell phone application called Mobile Switch Parental Controls app. Keep in mind that password options can be easily circumvented by using a master key. The master key can be obtained by anyone by going to the Nintendo Parental Controls PIN Reset website. You can install the Parental Controls app from the Apple IOS or Google Play Store. Next, you need to:

  • Install and open the Mobile Switch Parental Controls app.
  • On your Switch, from the Home menu, select System Settings
  • Next, scroll down and select Parental Controls
  • Then you need to select Use Your Smart Device and press Yes
  • You will be prompted for a code which will be displayed in the app. You will see it when you launch the app on your phone.
  • Enter this code on the Switch
  • Then press Register and Continue Setup on Smart Device
  • Then you need to continue setup in your application. Go to Select Restriction Level
  • Select the highest level of restrictions
  • Simply click Next to complete the setup

That way, when someone tries to log in to any app on your set-top box, they will need to enter a password. This is the unofficial access code for your Nintendo Switch. Until there is official support for passwords on the console this is the safest way to protect your console. It will also prevent unauthorized users from initializing or resetting the console. Even going into maintenance mode will prevent them from bypassing PIN entry.

To change your password you can use this way go to your Mobile app>Console Settings>PIN. Remember that to change the PIN your console must be online otherwise the changes won’t register.



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