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GamingHow to capture only game audio in OBS

How to capture only game audio in OBS

If you suddenly need the audio track from a video game or just from a streaming recording, and you urgently need to record something during the broadcast as audio – it isn’t as easy as it seems.

How to record game audio only in OBS

Even if it makes you sacrifice a little time, the result will be what you expect. Yes, of course – OBS or Open Broadcasting Software – is the most popular video recording and streaming software. What’s more, it’s completely free.

Another thing to add is that OBS is good not only as a video recording program, but also for broadcasting. OBS streams directly to Twitch (your account) and you don’t need to download third-party programs. This is very convenient not only for those who are just starting their streaming journey, but also for already established streamers. The program is easy enough to use, free and has proven itself during the year of its existence.

However, is it possible to just record audio from a game or streaming video? Yes, you can, though you’ll have to do a little bit of work.

Next, you’ll learn exactly how you can record audio with the OBS and use the program to its maximum benefit.

Is it possible to record game audio only via OBS

First, you should understand that the OBS doesn’t record audio specifically, but only video. This in turn can be used to extract audio through special online services such as Shotcut, CloudConvert, and FreeConvert. Or special programs like Shotcut. The latter will allow you to separate the audio track from the video, even offline.

However, first, in order for you to have the material to work with, you need to record the material. And that’s exactly what OBS does. Below is a guide how to record video correctly:

  • Get OBS and install it if you haven’t done so already
  • Launch OBS
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Desktop Audio and set it to default
  • Disable other audio sources if it’s needed
  • Set the output file settings to an easily convertible video file
  • Choose the audio bitrate levels
  • Start recording your game audio
  • When you’re done, save the recording

Depending on your computer’s needs or internet speed, you can choose the best solution for your needs.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to record only audio from the OBS, but for classic video recording, the latter can be exported to other programs or services in order to obtain only the audio track.

Is Audacity with WASAPI Driver/Stereo Mix worth a try

However, there are still programs that record separately the audio track from video games and other applications. One such program is Audacity. First of all, Audacity is free. Secondly, it records the audio separately from the picture. Moreover, you can easily control the recording process and select audio sources.

A great way to combine OBS and Audacity is to record pictures and audio from a microphone, while Audacity records audio from a video game. After recording, you get both the captured game footage and a separate audio file for the game audio.

  • Install Audacity
  • Before launching and recording with Audacity, right-click your sound icon at the bottom right
  • Select Open Sound Settings
  • At the right side of the screen, select Sound Control Panel
  • Select the Recording tab
  • Right-click and select Show Disabled Devices
  • Right-click and enable Stereo Mix or whatever it’s called
  • Right-click the microphone you want to record
  • Select Properties
  • Go to the Listen tab
  • Check the Listen to This Device box and apply
  • Now you can start recording

As you can see, OBS wasn’t created to record the audio tracks separately, though there are still ways to achieve the desired result. Yes, in order to create a project you’ll still need to use third-party software and lose some time to get it all looking right, however, the result is worth it. OBS and Audacity are ideal for projects such as video creation and are used as the main programs for creating material that will help with editing.



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