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GamingHow to accept gifts on Steam

How to accept gifts on Steam

Nowadays, gamers like to use Steam to keep all their games in one place. You can also be generous and give a game from your Steam library to a friend. As a result, your friend can have access to the game for as long as you let him or her. Initially, Steam allowed users to send games to anyone with an email address. The recipient also did not need to have a Steam account. However, this has changed, and today both parties must have a Steam account in order to access the game or games being donated.

Despite this, it’s easy to create a Steam account, and with the Android or iOS versions, you can get games on the go. Steam, the digital library, offers you many options to choose from. The Steam library has something for everyone, from games to DLC. You can also donate content to friends who aren’t in the same country as you.

So, here’s how to accept gifts on Steam.

How to accept gift on Steam

If you want to accept a gift from your friend on Steam, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, open your email linked to your Steam Community profile.
  • Go to your inbox and find the email from Steam technical support.
  • Then, inside the email there is a notification about the gift received, an accompanying message – if a friend decided to leave a wish, as well as a link allowing you to accept the gift in Steam.
  • Finally, click on the link to go to the activation page.

You may have to sign in again. To do that, just enter your password and log in. You will be redirected to the platform’s website, which is almost enough to accept the gift. There will be two buttons in front of you. If you want to accept the gift, click on the corresponding icon. Now you can look in the library, there is already a new icon. Hurry up and start installing and start completing the levels.

How to find out who gave you the game on Steam

When someone gives you a game, you will see it on your Steam account and receive an email about it. You can always check your email and find the information. Look for emails sent by Steam that say “Received a gift” in the subject line.

You will see the email address of the person who sent you the game. Also, when someone sends you a gift, they usually leave a private message with their name on it. That way you’ll know who sent the gift without even checking the email address. You can also see this message in the Steam client, so you can find out who sent you the game without checking your email.

If you deleted the email by mistake or can’t find it, you can try posting a status update and ask the sender to contact you. Alternatively, you can contact Steam support and ask for help.

When your friend accepts any gift you send him or her, Steam will notify you. The notification can be found on your dashboard or in notifications on your desktop if you’ve turned them on. The “Manage Gifts and Guest Passes” section also allows you to check gift statuses. You’ll know when your friend accepts or declines the gift.



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