As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.


visionOS: What is it

This article will help you understand what makes visionOS so unique.

Hisense TV remote control compatibility list

Hisense TV have six different Smart TV systems. Each of them has its own compatible remotes.

Can a 75-inch TV be transported in a car

If you want to buy a 75-inch TV and bring it yourself, the first thing you need to understand is its dimensions in the...

TVs of different sizes compared to a car

I decided to visualize the size of a TV and compare it to something familiar. To make it clearer to you, in the picture...

What size TV will fit in your car

Prior to making a purchase, it is prudent to ascertain the dimensions of the TV box to ensure it fits comfortably within your vehicle,...

ESPN list of compatible devices

If you love sports, one of the best streaming services is ESPN. And here are the devices on which ESPN and ESPN+ work. List of...

How to turn off ads on Samsung TV

To stop pop-up and personalized ads on your Samsung TV, you have two options: TV settings or router settings.

What is ADS display: ADS vs IPS explained

Manufacturers currently offer a wide variety of displays made by different technologies, so it may be quite confusing for people to understand which...

How to turn on subtitles on your TCL TV

Modern TVs can offer a wide range of features and functions. TCL TVs are no exception. TCL TVs are widespread, and their creators have...

How to connect the Roku remote to your TV or Roku device

Want to sync your Roku remote without pairing button? Here's how.

How to add Disney Plus to your Roku

Disney Plus is a streaming service from Disney that provides access to original Disney, Marvel and Pixar content (both nostalgic and new). You can...

How to delete a playlist on Spotify

Deleting a playlist in Spotify - iPhone, Android, laptop If you use Spotify, over time the number of playlists becomes very large and you may...

Apple TV models by year of release

The model number for Apple TV is random and doesn't follow a specific pattern, making it impossible to decode independently. Here is a list with the specifications of all Apple TV models.

Who makes Black and Decker products?

Black and Decker products are manufactured both in-house and under license.

How to get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV

Want to watch Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV? Here's how.

Recover deleted photos on iPhone after deleting from “Recently Deleted”

To restore your iPhone photos you will need a backup. So follow the steps in this article.

How to turn on Stolen Device Protection on iPhone

If you enable this option, it will secure your iPhone.

How to delete watch history on TikTok

This section stores your viewing history for the last 180 days. You can delete the history only through the app with just a few taps.

How to send direct messages in Substack

Authors and readers of Substack newsletters can now send direct messages to each other, here's how to do it.

How to uninstall apps on LG Smart TV

Do you know how to delete the app on your LG TV? Let me help you with that.

How to edit Instagram message

Now, you can edit sent Instagram messages if you made a typo or forgot to add an emoji.

How to make a GIF from a YouTube video

Here are the 3 most convenient ways how to make a GIF from a YouTube video using online services and a browser extension.

How to find iPhone IMEI number – everything you should know

The International Mobile Equipment Identification Number (IMEI) is a unique identifier for a phone's GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) radio module. It has...

How do I know if my iPad is original by serial number?

That's easy to figure out. However, searching by serial number will not be 100% exact.

How to fix Hisense TV not turning on

Usually problems with not being able to turn on Hisense TV are due to lack of power or broken Backlights.

How to transfer content between rooms on LG TV set

You can transfer content from LG TV to another room using the Room-to-Room Share application.

List of Amazon Fire TV remote control compatibility with devices.

In today's consumer electronics world, including televisions, streaming devices, and various appliances that require user interaction, remotes serve as essential tools to ensure ease...

TCL Roku TV buttons guide

TCL Roku TV can have up to six different buttons configurations on the TV panel.

How to decode Sceptre monitor model number

The model number of Sceptre monitors gives information about the screen size, resolution and series.

Smart TV OS list by TV brand

When you bought your TV, did you ever wonder what operating system it has? After all, a modern TV is not a screen for...

How to connect universal remote to Vizio TV

To connect the universal remote control with Vizio TV you need to know a special code.

How to delete apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Comprehensive tutorial for uninstalling user-downloaded apps on Samsung Smart TVs, spanning 2014-2023 models.

How to see the time with seconds on iPhone

View seconds on iPhone via Clock app icon, adding Clock widget, downloading Flip Clock app, or using StandBy feature in iOS 17.

How to clear continue watching on Disney Plus?

Despite this, managing your viewing history on Disney Plus is quite difficult, requiring some workarounds, such as rewinding to the end of a movie you didn't finish watching.

How to decode the Apple Watch model number

If you know Apple Watch's model number, you can find the watch's release year, name, and even the region where it was produced, and my table will help you with this.

How to charge Samsung SolarCell Remote

The Samsung SolarCell Remote charges via its back panel from light or directly using its Type-C port for quick power-ups.

How to connect and pair two Bluetooth headphones to Samsung TV

You can connect two Bluetooth headphones to the new Samsung TVs using Dual Audio, and to older models using a Bluetooth adapter.

How to choose the video doorbell

To choose a video doorbell, consider resolution, field of view, storage options, power source, smart home compatibility, and weather resistance.

How to add HBO Max to your Roku?

Add Max to Roku via app store and you need active subscription on HBO Max.

How to cancel the subscriptions you made via Amazon

If you subscribed through an Amazon device, you can cancel your subscription through the Amazon website.

How to cancel a channel subscription on Roku

You can cancel subscriptions on the Roku device or Roku website to avoid unwanted charges.

How to cancel your Disney Plus subscription via Amazon

You can cancel your Disney Plus subscription through your Amazon account.

How to cancel Disney Plus subscription on Roku device

Here's how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription if you can't cancel on the Disney Plus website.

How to cancel Disney Plus subscription

Cancel Disney Plus on its website if standalone; for bundles like Apple, Amazon, or Roku, cancel on the device or their website.

How to add channels to Roku

Add free and paid channels to Roku through the device, mobile app, or website; purchase required for paid channels before adding.

How to know how old is your iPad

To determine your iPad's age, contact Apple Support for newer models. For iPads made before 2021, decode the manufacturing date from the serial number using two characters or online services.

How to connect an external microphone to a Samsung TV

You can connect an external microphone to Samsung TV via USB or Bluetooth.

Samsung TV voice search not working – how to fix?

Voice search in Samsung TV may not work due to a glitch, a remote control error or a damaged remote control. Also voice search in apps may not work cause of Bixby.

How to fix Quest 2 not casting

There are many ways to fix the problems with casting Quest 2 on different devices.

How to cast Quest 2 to Roku TV

Cast Quest 2 to Roku TV is available through your smartphone, Chromecast or computer.