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GamingHow to appear offline on Nintendo Switch explained

How to appear offline on Nintendo Switch explained

Often you may need to remain unnoticed while playing online or just when you log into your profile. There may be times when you want no one to write to you, or when you’re playing something embarrassing. Maybe you don’t want your friends to see you online. The Offline feature on your console can help with this. It will hide what you are playing and that you are online at all. Other players will not see your activity.

Similar functions are available on all consoles and PCs which allow you to play online or join servers online. This feature is also available to owners of the Nintendo Switch.

How to enable offline mode on the Nintendo Switch

In the case of the Switch, it is not as obvious as on other consoles. There is no toggle switch that hides you when you press it. Perhaps this is the case because Nintendo pays less attention to social functions than its competitors. But if you know how this feature works, it’s easy enough to activate it.

The setting you need is permanent, it’s hidden in your profile settings. This means that you don’t need it for one-time use, but it will always be in effect until it is turned off. But there’s still no reason why you can’t use this feature. If you decide that you need some privacy from the outside world, it’s pretty easy to achieve that. You need to :

  • On the main Switch screen, select your profile from the other icons at the top of the screen
  • When you get to your profile page, scroll down and select “User Preferences” from the sidebar. It should be the last on the list
  • In this section, you need to scroll down again and select “Friend Settings”
  • The first option will be “Who do you want to see your online status?” select it
  • Next, choose the “No one” option
  • If there are people you wish to display your status to, select “Best Friends” and add them to your list.

You can add the person to your best friends list directly from your profile. You just need to click on the button “Best friend” under their name while viewing contacts.

How to get back online on Nintendo Switch

If you’re done with all your personal stuff and want to be online again it’s pretty easy to do. Repeat all the items from the previous list, but instead of “No one” selects the option “All Friends” so you will again appear online in your friend’s list and they can call you to play or write you a message.

Remember that this is a permanent setting, it will remain in effect until you remove it. Even if you decide to reboot your console. Also, the setting will change if you go to another profile, as it is tied to your account.



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