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GamingHow Apex Legends ranked works

How Apex Legends ranked works

Apex Legends offers a competitive game mode known as the Ranked Mode, where players can compete with others of similar skill levels. Players must have reached at least level 50 to participate in this mode. As players progress through the ranks, higher tiers become accessible, and they can earn rewards based on rank. At the start of each season, ranks are reset, providing a fresh competitive experience.

The Apex ranking system was updated in the first half of May 2023 and now works a little differently. So this article has been rewritten to reflect the current information.

How does the new ranking system work in Apex?

The new ranking system in Apex Legends is based on Hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR) and Ranked Ladder Points (LP). When you play in ranked mode, your LP changes based on the results of the matches. Good results such as wins, high placements, and the number of kills contribute to the growth of your LP.

The ranked categories include “Bronze,” “Silver,” “Gold,” “Platinum,” “Diamond,” “Master,” and “Apex Predator.” Each category has multiple divisions, such as “Bronze I,” “Bronze II,” and so on. You need to earn a specific amount of Ranked Ladder Points (LP) to move from one division to another or from one category to another.

At the beginning of each ranked season, your rank is reset, and you need to play several placement matches to determine your starting rank in the new season.

It is also important to note that the new ranking system introduced changes regarding rewards. Rewards are now tied to your match performance and the corresponding ranked level. You can earn rewards for eliminating enemies, high placements in matches, and successful encounters against more experienced players.

Thus, the new ranking system in Apex Legends provides a structured and competitive environment where players can test their skills and strive for higher ranks and divisions based on their MMR and LP.

What is MMR in Apex, and why is it hidden?

MMR (Matchmaking Rating) in Apex Legends is a hidden rating used for matchmaking in the ranked mode. It represents a numerical assessment of your skill level and is designed to create balanced and fair matches by connecting you with players of similar skill levels.

MMR is regularly updated based on your performance in ranked matches. Your MMR will increase if you perform well, achieve high placements, and get many kills. Conversely, your MMR may decrease if your performance is not as good.

Why is MMR hidden? It is done to prevent system abuse and to ensure a more enjoyable and fair experience for all players. Keeping MMR hidden discourages players from manipulating their stats or intentionally losing matches to lower their skill level artificially. It also prevents less experienced players from being targeted or exploited by higher-skilled players.

Keeping MMR hidden also adds an element of surprise and suspense to each match. Players won’t know the exact skill level of their teammates or opponents, which can lead to more dynamic and unpredictable gameplay. It encourages players to focus on their own performance and improvement rather than solely relying on the visible ratings of others.

What are the ranks in Apex, and how do they work?

In Apex Legends, several ranks determine your progress and skill level in the ranked mode. Each Rank is divided into four tiers. To advance to the next tier, you need to gain 1000 ladder points for each tier at each rank. Here is a list of the ranks and how they work:

  • Bronze: This is the starting rank that you enter after completing calibration matches. It contains players with 1-4000 ladder points.
  • Silver: The next one after the starting bronze rank is Silver. These are the players who have 4000-8000 ladder points.
  • Gold: At this rank, you can already meet players who have little experience and can fight back. Here are the players between 8000-12000 ladder points.
  • Platinum: This rank is reached by more or less skillful players. Players who are on platinum are 12000-16000 ladder points.
  • Diamond: Diamond is the last rank before you join the general leaderboard. Here you will find players with 16000-20000 ladder points.
  • Master: Once you have accumulated 20,000 points, you go to the general leaderboard, where there will no longer be rank tiers, but you will compete with other players to accumulate as many ladder points as possible in the open ranking ladder and rank as high as possible.
  • Apex Predator: This is the highest rank in Apex Legends and is only attainable by the most skilled and experienced players. To reach the rank of Apex Predator, you must be among the top 750 players in ladder points worldwide.

To progress to the next tier within a rank, you must accumulate a specific amount of Ladder Points (LP), which you earn by performing well in matches. Each rank has tiers with a specific amount of LP required for advancement.

You need 1000 ladder points to get to each next tier. Of course, this does not apply to the rank of Master and Ultimate Predator, as to upgrade to this rank, you need to get so many ladder points to beat a user in 750th place on the leaderboard.

How much does it cost to participate in a match, and how many points do you get for a place in Apex

Participation in an Apex Legends Ranked Mode match costs 35 LP (ladder points). This cost is the same for all rank categories. Here is a ladder showing how many ladder points you get for various positions in the match:

PlaceLadder Points (LP)
11, 12, 13-25
14 or lower-35

These values indicate how many ladder points you get for each position if your team reaches that position in a match. Note that if you rank too low and do not commit murders, you will lose points.

Please note that these values are subject to change with each ranking season, so it is recommended that you follow Apex Legends for updates and news to keep up with the current points and reward system.

How many points do you get for kills and assists in Apex Legends?

This is where it gets tricky for a lot of players. The thing is that if before you got a fixed number of points for each kill and it was multiplied by the coefficient for the place you took, now everything is different.

The thing is that the new system takes into account your MMR and the MMR of the opponent whom you killed. This means that for killing an opponent who was weaker than you, you get less points than for killing an opponent whose rating is higher than yours. There is no exact information about how much one kill costs now, but I’ve encountered an opinion that it costs about 20-25 points on average.

Also, the game has a system of assistance. This means that if you did damage to an opponent within 30 seconds before your teammate knocks them down, you’ll get help for the kill, which equates to the number of ladder points you get for a regular kill.

Can players with different ranks play in the same matches?

Yes, in Apex Legends ranked mode, players with different ranks can participate in the same matches. This is because the player selection system considers not only the ranks but also the hidden matchmaking rating (MMR), which determines the player’s skill level. Thus, players with different ranks but similar skill levels can be placed in the same game to ensure equal and balanced matches.

Players ranked Platinum or higher in Apex Legends can only team up with friends who are at a rank level that differs one rank up or down from their own rank. This restriction is in place to prevent team imbalance and ensure fairer and more equitable competition. Thus, Platinum players and above cannot team up with friends of significantly lower or higher rank to ensure a balanced game experience.

What are Rating Bonuses and Skill Bonuses?

In Apex Legends, two types of bonuses are associated with the ranking mode: Rating Bonuses and Skill Bonuses.

  • Rating bonuses: These are extra points you get if the MMR system thinks you rank too low. This helps you get to a rank that suits your skills more quickly.
  • Skill bonuses: These are extra points for playing against stronger opponents or when you kill a team whose skill is significantly higher than your own.

Using ranking and skill bonuses allows players to accelerate their progress and reach higher ranks in Apex Legends. These represent additional rewards that motivate players to demonstrate skill, strive to win, and collaborate with their team.

What rewards do you get for rank advancement in Apex Legends?

In Apex Legends, you can get rank upgrade rewards in ranked mode. Here are some of the possible rewards:

  • Unique emblems: Increasing your rank may grant access to unique emblems that display your current rank and allow other players to see your progress and achievements. You get this reward for any rank you achieve in rank mode.
  • Holospray: This is a spy you can apply during the game, and other users will see it. This reward is also given for each rank in ranked mode.
  • Cosmetic items: When you reach certain ranks or fulfill certain conditions, you may receive exclusive cosmetic items such as weapon skins, coloring, and other customization items. You can get these rewards at a rank of Gold or higher.
  • Flight trace: A trace of flight is only given to you during the season you reach a certain rank. This award is given to players who have reached the rank of Diamond or higher.

Please note that specific rewards and their terms are subject to change across ranked seasons, so it’s always worth keeping up with news and updates from the Apex Legends developers.



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