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GamingHow Apex Legends ranked works explained

How Apex Legends ranked works explained

If you like the FPS games and the perspective to compete with other players who have the best reaction, tactics, and patience, then the Apex Legends ranked games are one of the best formats of games of this kind.

Every new season the players have to show themselves with the best performance, to take first place is the main goal and if you have a competitive spirit, it’s worth trying yourself in the environment provided by the Apex Legends ranked game.

However, if you just started playing recently, you probably noticed that there are differences in the ranked games. Not only is the XP point system different here, but also how you should play and interact with your teammates. Before you start playing ranked games, the game just won’t let you in. First, you need to reach level 10 and only then, you can take part in ranked matches. Below you’ll find more detailed information about the peculiarities of ranked games.

What are main features of ranked Apex Legends games

Although the main gameplay and purpose of the game do not differ from the general game in Trios, still the rank has its own rules and features. To begin with, players are divided into categories, or rather tiers, depending on how many rank points they accumulated in the last season. If you’re just starting to play the ranked game, you should have bronze by default. What this means and what each level stands for will be described below.

There are a total of seven tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator. The first five ranks are divided into 4 more levels, starting at level 4. That is, if you just started playing the ranked game, you’ll have a Bronze 4 level. Each rank requires a certain amount of rank points. For example, Bronze requires only 300 points to advance to the next Bronze level. When you reach Bronze Level 1, you have another 300 points to get Silver. Then, the next level will require a bit more points. And so on with everyone.

Basically, everything is logically simple – the higher your rank, the more rank points you have to gain.

However, each rank requires a fee to enter the match in the form of these very points. The good news is that Bronze players have nothing to pay and therefore – lose points. For the rest, you have to try to earn a certain amount of points every match, which the game charges for entry into the match. Here is a list of how many and at what rank the game will take points from you:

  • Bronze: 0 RP
  • Silver: 12 RP
  • Gold: 24 RP
  • Platinum: 36 RP
  • Diamond: 48 RP
  • Master and Apex Predator: 60 RP

Note: remember that in addition to recouping the entry fee, you also need to score points to move up in the rankings. Sometimes you might just stagnate in one place, however, that happens rarely.

Although don’t worry if you suddenly began to lose a lot of points – the game will not allow you to lose any rank. That is, you can drop down in levels, but not in ranks. For instance, if you were a level 4 Gold player, you won’t go back to Silver if you lose max points. However, if you were level 1 Gold, the game will throw you back to level 2 Gold in case you lose a certain amount of points. Apex Predators players can also lose their status if they stop being in the top 750, according to their RP.

How to earn points

Losing points isn’t fun at all, but earning them is another matter. In general, there are several ways to earn points. The first and most effective (and easy enough on Bronze and Silver) is simply to stay alive as long as possible. The point is that you get a specific number of points if you place among the 13 remaining squads out of 20. The fewer teams remain, the more points you earn.

Therefore, a little advice if your teammates are eliminated, and you’re the only ones left alive – it’s best not to start fighting alone – wait as long as possible until the last two squads are left.  The maximum RP amount gained this way is 100 if you’re the match-winner.

The other method would be simply activity during the match – that is, you’ll be doing kills and knocking down your opponents. With kills everything is clear – you just eliminate your opponents, but the assistants – this is when you help your teammates to kill opponents. In other words, you need to do at least some damage to your opponent before they get knocked down and killed by your teammate.

By the way, Crypto isn’t even required to do any damage to his enemies, playing for this character you only need to scan your opponents with the drone and if your teammate eliminates them – then you’ll be guaranteed points for the assist.

Also, the points for a kill may differ. For example, if you didn’t take first place, still entered the top 10 squads – then you’ll have 10 points for one kill if you won the game – 25 points for each kill.

What about abandonment and penalties

The game punishes quite severely if you leave a match intentionally during a ranked game – you simply can’t play any game mode for 10 minutes. This is logical, but the game doesn’t include that you can have problems with the Internet, electricity, or for example, as often was the case before, the game simply drove players out of the lobby due to problems with the server.

However, at the same time, you’re allowed to leave the game, if your teammate doesn’t respawn you within 150 seconds or your respawn time has expired.

How the game reward you by playing ranked

The rewards here are simple – the game gives you badges in the form of each rank that you were able to achieve at the end of the season. Also, starting with Gold and above – you get badges for weapons in the form of a rank badge. Apart from that, players who entered Diamond and above receive a special dive trail that all players receive upon landing. These diving trails are colored in the color of the rank and are much brighter than the regular ones. They’re available only during a certain season.

Now you know more about ranked Apex games and can try to compete with others. Also, use any possibility to communicate with your teammates. Remember, it’s just a game and you can start over at any time, and don’t forget to take breaks!



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