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FixHow to fix PS4 overheating

How to fix PS4 overheating

If you love to play video games, you’ve probably heard of Sony’s PS4 console. At the moment, the company has already released the next version of its console PS5. However, the relevance of the PS4 didn’t end there.

Many players prefer the old PS4 because of the presence of hundreds of different games on this console, which is still high online among players. Also, the developers themselves are still going to release new games on the old generation consoles. Therefore, many people now prefer to choose the PS4. This is also facilitated by the scarcity of PS5 in the world.

However, despite the long existence of the PS4 is still a number of problems in its use. Especially it concerns consoles that are several years old. One of the most common and dangerous problems is overheating your console.

Why does console overheating occur

Because at its core, the PS4 is a compact PC, and the problems that can be typical of your PC can occur with your console. Its internal elements under heavy load can also heat up a lot. This is especially the case when running demanding games. Most often, the problem of overheating occurs if you don’t operate your console correctly.

The most common problem with overheating occurs because your console has an air vent problem. This means that the hot air doesn’t come out of the console, but stays inside and heats up your console even more.

How overheating can be dangerous

If there are many dangers of overheating your console. The very first thing that can happen is that it simply shuts down while you’re playing. Since the console has a special warp protection system, it shuts down when overheating so that the stuffing doesn’t get damaged. Agree, it’s rather unpleasant to lose progress in your game because of such an unpleasant incident.

In addition, constant overheating can damage the important elements of your console, such as the processor or motherboard. In this case, your console may break and stop working altogether.

Also, frequent problems with overheating can lead to unfortunate consequences. Your console may simply break down and create a short circuit that could cause a fire. In the world every day there are hundreds of cases where people have whole houses burned down because of problems with shorting of various gadgets.

Also, if your console overheats, it will simply run slower, as it will systematically reduce the power of its components to lower their temperature.

How to fix console overheating

If you find that your console has started to overheat, there are several ways to fix the situation. To do this, you will need to take a few simple steps:

Check the area near the PS4 coolers

Check where the coolers are located on your console. They should be located on the sides and at the bottom. Make sure that the console stands so that the coolers have access to air and the coolers that blow hot air should have some space in front of them. Putting the console up against a wall or on a cramped shelf isn’t a good idea.

Clean the console from dust

Wipe down the console and the area around it. The most common problem with overheating is clogged coolers. Try blowing out the cooler in the console with compressed air or suck up the dust with your home vacuum cleaner. If you know how to build computers and aren’t afraid to spoil anything, you can also disassemble your console and manually clean the dirt from its insides.

Replace the thermal paste

As I wrote above, if you have the right skills you can take apart your console and replace the thermal paste on the processor, as well as clean all the coolers manually. If you aren’t confident then the best solution is to take your console to the nearest computer service center and order this service there.

Check the room temperature

Overheating can also be caused by external factors. For example, your console can stand near a battery and get extra heat from it. You should check the area around your console very carefully and make sure everything is okay.

Turn off the PS4

If the problem with overheating is a one-time problem, you should immediately turn off your console and just let it stand idle for about 30-40 minutes. This will allow it to cool down and then you can continue playing as usual.

Check if the coolers are working

You should also check whether the coolers work in principle. It’s best to do this with the console game on. You should hear and feel hot air coming out of your console as you approach the air vents. If this doesn’t happen then your best bet is to contact a Sony service center.

If you have tried all of these ways to fix the overheating but the problem persists, then you should contact your nearest Sony service center. Your console may be broken on a hardware level. In this situation, it will be impossible to fix it yourself.



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