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How to fix YouTube Music keeps pausing

Is YouTube Music constantly paused on your device? There are a few fixes that will help.

How to hide text messages on iPhone

Thinking about how you can hide messages on your iPhone? Let me help you with that.

What does the blue dot mean on YouTube?

Saw a blue dot on YouTube and don't know what it means? I can help you with that.

How to delete a team on Trello

Here's also how you can remove members from workspace on Trello.

How to add superscripts or subscripts in Google Docs

Want to add superscript or subscript in your Google Docs text? Here's how.

How to connect PS4 controller to Windows 11 PC

Did you need to connect your DualShock to Windows 11? I'll tell you how.

How to print comments in Google Docs

Do you want to save your Google Document along with all your comments? There are several ways to do this.

What is Bluetooth 5.3? Bluetooth 5.3 vs Bluetooth 5.2 vs Bluetooth 5.0

Have you encountered two devices with different Bluetooth versions? Let's find out what makes them different.

How to get GPS coordinates for a location on Google Maps

Here's how you can get GPS coordinates for a particular location on Google Maps in a few easy steps.

How to change language in Dota 2

Want to use another language in Dota 2? Here's how you can change it.

How to adjust microphone volume and sensitivity in Windows 10 & 11

Are your contacts having trouble hearing you on Discord, or can't you record a podcast? Here's how you can easily change your microphone volume and sensitivity settings.

How to add a signature to a text message on iPhone

There's no option to add a signature to your text message. But you can use one trick.

What are the best smartwatches for Google Pixel

Bought a new Google Pixel and don't know which smart watch will work best with it? I can help you with that.

Elgato release their first 4K Webcam

A new king has appeared on the webcam market.

How to get Instagram URL on iPhone, Android, or desktop

Here's how you can easily share your profile on Instagram.

How to delete all alarms on iPhone

Want to delete all alarms on your iPhone? Here's how you can easily do this.

How to clear order history on Amazon

If you need to delete your Amazon purchase history, it won't be easy. There are a few tricks that will help you.

Apple increasing the prices of their services

Apple's subscription service prices are about to go up again.

How to pair iPhone to Vizio TV

Want to play the content on your iPhone and watch it on your Vizio TV? Here's how you can set this up.

How to cast HBO Max from your iPhone to Samsung TV

Want to cast HBO Max from your iPhone to Samsung TV? Here's how you can do this.

Why won’t MP4 videos play on iPhone?

Often this problem is due to the wrong codec. Here's how you can fix it.

What is a Wi-Fi privacy warning on iPhone?

Got a Wi-Fi-Privacy alert and don't know what it is? Let's figure it out together

How to cancel an order on StockX

Can you cancel or return your order on StockX? Yes, but that's a little bit hard.

Apple released iOS 16.1

A new update for the iOS is already available for download. Let's see what upgrades it brings.

How to unsync iPhone from Mac

To unsync your devices, you need to follow these steps.

How to change or manage your home location on Life360

Added the wrong home location to Life 360? I can help you with that.

How to fix AirPods pop-up not showing up on iPhone

If your AirPods aren't connecting to your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device, don't panic. You can easily fix it.

How to add reaction in Discord

Want to reply to your friend's message with a reaction in Discord? It's very easy to do.

How to make Google Sheets columns to be the same size

Need to make columns the same size in your Google Sheets document? Here's how.

How to add a header or footer to Google Slides

Want to add a header or footer to your Google Slides presentation? Here's how you can easily do it.

How to use Stage Manager on iPad

The new multi-tasking feature Stage Manager may surprise you. Let me explain how to use it properly.

How to lock the screen in Windows 11

Need to lock the screen on your Windows 11 PC? Fortunately, there's a bunch of methods how you can do this.

Does Bumble have read receipts?

Will your match in Bumble know if you read the message or not? Let's take a closer look at how this works.

What does Instagram Handle mean?

Here's everything you should know about Instagram Handle.

What are browse features on YouTube?

To know more about traffic on YouTube will help you promote your YouTube channel.

What is better to buy: NVidia GeForce RTX 3060 vs 3060ti

Can't decide which graphics card to choose: RTX 3060 or RTX 3060Ti? I might be the one who can help you.

How to fix the Android purple screen

Has your Android screen suddenly turned purple? Hurry to fix it before it's too late.

How to turn off read receipts on Instagram

Want to read an Instagram post without notifications? There are several loopholes to do this.

Does TikTok notify screenshots?

Is it safe to take screenshots in TikTok? Will the user be informed that you have screenshot their content?

How to make iPhone vibrate stronger

When you hear your iPhone ring when you receive a new message or email,...

Uber is going to add ads to their app

Soon you'll start running into Uber ads. The company has revealed its plans to add advertising inserts.

How to enable an incognito mode on Chromebook

Want to use an incognito mode on your Chromebook? Here's how.

Why is your Zoom connection unstable and how to fix this

Are you having problems with Zoom and your Internet connection? Let's find out how to fix it.

How to restore taskbar labels on Windows 11

Don't like the new Taskbar in Windows 11? Try changing it to an older version from Windows 10.

How to add an arrow in Google Docs

Don't know how to add Arrow to Google Docs? It's a lot easier than you think.

How to run MSI file as administrator

Confronted with an MSI file and don't know how to run it correctly? It's not really obvious, but it's pretty simple.

How to enable location services for Hulu on iPhone or iPad

Hulu doesn't want to work for you because of problems with location services? Just activate them.

Can you connect two Bluetooth headphones to iPhone

Can you connect two headphones to your iPhone at the same time? Of course you can, but with some restrictions.

How to use drafts on Instagram – everything you should know

There's nothing really complicated about creating and managing drafts on Instagram.

Here’s how to start a group call on Snapchat

Want to start a group call on Snapchat? Here's how.