As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.


Why doesn’t the AirDrop name change?

This article was created to understand the main reasons that prevent you from changing the name of your Apple device and therefore your AirDrop name.

iPad 9th Gen vs iPad 10th Gen: which one is better to buy?

If you don't know which iPad to buy: iPad 9 or iPad 10, then buy the iPad 10 and here's why.

What devices support Hulu?

Hulu is supported on most modern devices such as iPhones and iPads, Android smartphones, Smart TVs, game consoles or set-top boxes. However, you should also be aware of the limitations on simultaneous streaming and the number of profiles you can create.

How to forward Netflix emails to another address

If you share your Netflix account with others, you can set up automatic transfer of access codes via Gmail.

How many people can watch Paramount Plus at once?

Simultaneous streaming in Paramount Plus is available up to a maximum of 3 devices. You can also create up to 6 different profiles in Paramount Plus to share your account with your loved ones.

How to fix Windows activation error code 0xC004F213

To fix Windows activation error code 0xC004F213 you need to log in to your Microsoft account, try to enter the license key manually, use PowerShell to find out the key written into the motherboard or use the built-in activation error troubleshooting tool.

Why do we review some articles?

Here's why there's written "This article was reviewed by..."

How to record internal audio on Mac

Here's how to use the Blackhole tool in combination with Audacity to record internal audio on your Mac.

What countries Paramount Plus is available in?

Paramount Plus now operates in regions such as Asia & Pacific, Europe, North America and South America. However, it is not available in all countries in these regions.

How to clean iPhone lightning port

You should clean the Lightning port no more often than every few months. It should be done using a flashlight, toothpicks and compressed air.

How to use Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung's Smart Switch is a unique tool for transferring data from your old device to your new Galaxy phone. It also offers a way to quickly and easily update your smartphone.

How to delete a number from the eSIM on your iPhone

If you need to remove the extra eSM from your iPhone, then to do so you need to go to Settings and select mobile data. There you will find a list of connected eSIMs and you can delete any of them.

How to screen record on iPhone with audio

The audio recording function allows you to create a complete visual and audio series. You don't need to download any third-party app for this, just add a button to Control Center and start recording the screen.

How to connect Meta Quest 2 to a PC

You can connect Meta Quest 2 to your PC using a wire or wireless technology. Both of these methods are described in detail in this article.

How to change AirDrop name

AirDrop name is the name of your device. In the settings, you can change the name, transfer settings, and more.

How to reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager

If Realtek HD Audio Manager is not working on your Windows PC or laptop, you can easily reinstall it.

How to restart Samsung Galaxy S series

Need to reboot your Samsung Galaxy S21? Here's how.

How much is a Universe worth on TikTok?

Want to send someone whole Universe in TikTok? Here is how much it'll cost to you.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner

In this article you will find all the information you need about vacuum cleaners so that you can make the right choice.

What does Alt+F4 do

In this article you can learn more about shortcuts in Windows.

How to access the Google Docs trash

If you need to access deleted Google Docs files, you can do so using the Trash folder in Google Drive.

How to change the shipping address on eBay

If you need to change your eBay address, you can do so in Account Settings under the Addresses tab. There you can also delete an address or add a new one.

How to strikethrough text on Discord

There's nothing complicated about adding crossed-out formatting to your Discord message.

How to see your KD ratio in Destiny 2

If you need to see the FC in Destiny 2, you won't be able to do it in-game. You will not find this information on Bungie's website either. However, you can use third-party resources such as DestinyKD or Destiny Tracker to view detailed game statistics.

How to make a channel private in Slack

You can create a new private channel or make an existing public channel private in Slack.

How to calibrate your Android phone touchscreen

If you have problems with the touchscreen accuracy of your Android smartphone, you can use a special app or built-in tool to calibrate it.

How to convert a private conversation to a channel in Slack

You can easily turn your private conversation in Slack to a private or public channel.

How to transfer apps from one Mac to another

The best way to transfer attachments between Macs is to use Migration Assistant. You can use it to transfer data to a new Mac using Time Machine backup or Windows PC.

How to clear the Command Prompt screen on Windows

To clear the Command Prompt screen on Windows, you only need one command.

How to enable the on-screen keyboard on Windows

There's nothing complicated about enabling on-screen keyboard on Windows. You can even do it with a simple shortcut.

How to make icons smaller on Samsung phone

Like any modern Android smartphone, Samsung phones can change the size of icons depending on the user's preference. You must change the app's arrangement...

How to enable push notifications on iPhone

Enabling push notifications on your iPhone is a simple process that empowers you to stay updated and engaged with your favorite apps.

How to turn off flashlight notifications on iPhone

The "LED Flash for Alerts" feature, which uses the built-in LED to visually communicate incoming notifications. However, what do you do if even this flashing flash becomes unnecessary?

How to move notifications to the top of the iPhone

If you need to move notifications to the top of the Lock Screen on iPhones, you can't do that in iOS 16. However, you can customize the appearance of notifications on the lock screen.

How to pull up notifications on iPhone

Can't find the notifications you received? Just access the Lock Screen and swipe up.

How to add words to auto-correction in Android

Tired of your Android constantly correcting you when it's not appropriate? Then just add the words you want in the dictionary or just turn off auto-correction.

How to clear notifications on iPhone

To delete message from your home screen, simply touch the message you wish to delete, then swipe to the left and tap the clear button.

How to find who views your TikTok

Curiosity about who is viewing your TikTok videos or profile is only natural. And fortunately, it's easy to find this information on your profile page.

How to connect MetaMask to OpenSea

There's nothing complicated about connecting your MetaMask wallet to OpenSea. You can do it on your smartphone or through the web browser extension.

How to activate app autorun when starting up Samsung TV

You can configure your Samsung TV to launch an application upon startup Through the Start Screen Options.

How to mirror an Android phone to Fire Stick

Whether you're looking to share photos, videos, presentations, or simply enjoy your favorite apps on a bigger screen, mirroring your Android device to a Fire Stick is a simple process.

Here are 11 reasons to use Opera instead of Chrome

This article will tell you why you should use Opera instead of Chrome. This list includes features such as built-in VPN, force dark mode, ad blocker and more.

How to turn off email notifications on iPhone

If you need to turn off notifications for Emails on your iPhone, there are a few ways. You can turn off notifications in Settings, using Do Not Disturb mode, or in the app itself.

How to turn on voicemail notifications on iPhone

To enable voicemail notifications, you need to select a ringtone or alert tone. You can also customize the vibration of voicemail notifications.

10 iPad features you should try

There are several iPad features that you didn't know about and haven't used. You should try them.

How to install apps on Vizio Smart TV

You cannot install apps on SmartCast Vizio Smart TV. However, you can install on VIA or VIA+ Vizio Smart TV.

How to add a web browser to Roku

There's no built-in web browser on Roku. But you can use Screen Mirroring to cast a web browser from your mobile device or laptop.

iPad Air (2022) vs iPad (10th Gen): which one to choose?

This article will help you to discover about all the differences between the iPad 10th Gen and the iPad Air 2022 so that you can decide which one you should choose.

How to create folders in Google Sheets to organize your files

In order to add a sheet to a folder, you need to create it in Google Drive. Once the sheet is ready in Google Drive, you can add it to the folder.

How to find a graphic card you have on your PC

If you need to find out which Video Card is installed in your PC, you can use these methods: Settings, Task Manager, Device Manager, DirectX Diagnostic Tool, third-party applications, or simply remove the cover of your PC and look inside.