All TVs are shipped with the factory settings. By default, all TVs are set to the Home Mode. That’s a default mode that allows you to watch TV and use any other features, so if you want to use the TV as usual – you need to have it in this mode. However, there’s another feature – Store Mode or Retail Mode.

Now, let’s talk about what the Store/Retail Mode is and when it’s used.

What is Store Mode or Retail Mode on Samsung TVs

Store Mode (sometimes it’s called a Retail Mode or Store Demo Mode) is a special mode that’s used if the TV stands in a retail store that has a showroom. In shorts, it’s used when the TV is used to display its best qualities for everyone to see. So retail stores are using this mode to attract potential buyers and make them buy a TV and there’s nothing bad in this – just a marketing trick that allows revealing the best about each model.

However, you should understand that this mode is used not for watching a TV, but for a presentation of the TV features, so it’s inappropriate for everyday use. Also, keep in mind, that Samsung uses different names for these features in different TV models: Retail Mode, Store Mode, Shop Mode, or Demo Mode. But no matter the name – that’s the same thing.

What Retail Mode on Samsung TV is used for

The basic thing for each company is to sell its products and Samsung isn’t an exception. That’s how the markets work – so each company is working hard to make people buy its products – not the same analogs made by its competitors.

For this purpose, at the factory, Samsung records demo videos of very high quality. When you watch such videos in the retail store showroom – it can tell you a lot about the benefits of the TV. Another advantage – such videos are already recorded to the internal flash drive, so they can be played without connection to an external source or Wi-Fi.

Also, there’s a sample QR code potential buyers can use to go to the Samsung website and find a description of the particular TV model.

However, the sample video isn’t the only thing you should know about Demo Mode. Another thing you should keep in mind is that in Store Mode settings are set to the maximum brightness and the highest contrast. Since usually there is good lighting in retail stores showrooms, so the visual brightness of the screen decreases.

So, such settings are really good for the store and allow potential buyers to explore all TV’s benefits – but at home, they’re really strange. The bad thing you should know – your TV can go into Retail Mode accidentally, so you will need to turn it off manually. All you need to do is to switch the TV back to the Home Mode. And here’s what you should do.

Samsung TV Retail Mode

How to turn off Retail Mode, Demo Mode, or Store Mode on a Samsung TV

To disable Retail Mode, you will need to do the following:

  • Press settings button on the remote control (Menu button).
  • Select General settings.
  • Go to System Manager and then go to Usage Mode.
  • Enter the PIN code to access global settings, the default is 0000.
  • Set Home mode.

Finish! Now your Samsung TV is back in the Home Mode.

How to get older Samsung TV models out of Retail Mode, Demo Mode, or Store Mode

If you have a TV made more than 10 years ago, the order to turn off Demo Mode, Retail Mode, or Store Mode may be slightly different. But here’s what you should do:

  • Press the “Home” button on the Samsung remote control.
  • Go to “Settings” and select “Support“.
  • Scroll down to the end and select “Use Mode“.
  • Choose “Home Use” and press “Done“.

How to turn off Retail Mode, Demo Mode, or Store Mode without a remote (using buttons on your TV)

In today’s TVs, there are usually control buttons on the TV are minimized, for example, it can be a single button in the form of a joystick (or they may be a home button and volume buttons, but I will tell you about this case in the paragraph below). However, you can still use them to get your Samsung TV out of the Retail Mode in case you don’t have a remote. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Press the button on the TV’s body.
  2. Select General settings.
  3. Open System Manager and then go to Usage Mode.
  4. Enter the PIN code to access the global settings, the default is 0000.
  5. Set Home mode.

How to turn off Retail Mode, Store Mode, or Demo Mode without a remote on older Samsung TV models

If you have an older TV, it wouldn’t have a joystick, but power, menu, and volume buttons. However, you can still use them to turn off Retail Mode in case you don’t have a remote. Here’s what you should do:

  • Make sure your TV is on, and then look for the volume and menu buttons on your TV. These buttons are usually at the bottom right or and left.
  • Now press the volume button once.
  • When you see the volume indicator appear, hold down the menu button for about 15 seconds. You must press the menu button while the volume indicator is active.
  • If you have done everything correctly, the screen will show Standard and this will indicate that you have exited the demo mode.

However, if an error occurs while following the steps, “Store Demo” will be displayed and you may have to repeat the steps until “Standard” appears.

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