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How to add HBO Max to your Roku – is HBO Max on Roku?

Previously, HBO had two separate services – HBO Now and HBO Go, but now they’re unified under HBO Max. So now you can use only one service to access HBO content, like movies or shows.

The good thing is that HBO hasn’t increased the HBO Max price, it costs as much as HBO Now, but there is much more content available now. It still costs $15/month, so nothing has changed in terms of price.

In case you’re enjoying HBO content, you may want to get it on your Roku, and here’s how you can do this.

How to install HBO Max on your Roku

In case you still don’t have HBO Max in your channels library, you can easily add it in few simple steps. Here’s what you should do:

  • First of all, you will need to get HBO Max account. Open HBO Max website, sign up and click on Subscribe Now.
  • Now, let’s back to your Roku. Take the remote and press the home button.
  • Select Search Channels. Search for HBO and select HBO Max and choose Add Channel.
  • Click OK once the HBO Max is installed.
  • Now, find HBO Max in the list of your channels and sign in to your HBO Max account.

How many devices you can use with HBO Max account?

You can have three streams simultaneously. That means that you can use only 3 different devices to watch content at one time. However, there are no limits for how many devices you can be logged in to at one time, so you can use as many devices, as you want.

That means that you can add HBO Max on every device you have and have the best experience watching the content in the way it’s comfortable for you at a particular time.



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