As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.


How to know how old is your iPad

To determine your iPad's age, contact Apple Support for newer models. For iPads made before 2021, decode the manufacturing date from the serial number using two characters or online services.

How to connect an external microphone to a Samsung TV

You can connect an external microphone to Samsung TV via USB or Bluetooth.

Samsung TV voice search not working – how to fix?

Voice search in Samsung TV may not work due to a glitch, a remote control error or a damaged remote control. Also voice search in apps may not work cause of Bixby.

How to fix Quest 2 not casting

There are many ways to fix the problems with casting Quest 2 on different devices.

How to cast Quest 2 to Roku TV

Cast Quest 2 to Roku TV is available through your smartphone, Chromecast or computer.

How many Gmail accounts can you have with one phone number?

Do you want to create an additional Gmail account using your phone number? Let me tell you if it's possible.

How to switch characters in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is the pinnacle of the gaming world, known for its intricate narrative and addictive gameplay. Released in 2013...

What is TV Sharpness?

TVs have a wide range of settings, using which you can achieve higher image quality. Correctly adjusting the parameters of the picture, you can...

How to fix Samsung TV isn’t turning on

Can't turn on your Samsung TV? Here's what might help fix it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch series by year

Samsung Galaxy Watch has been released for 6 years now. During this time, there have been 6 different generations of smartwatches.

How to know the Samsung Galaxy Watch production date

You can find out the production date of Samsung Galaxy Watch by using the serial number or IMEI.

MacBook Pro vs Mac Studio: which one is worth buying

The MacBook Pro and Mac Studio are close in performance, but for different purposes.

How to open the iPhone’s SIM card tray without the ejector tool

If you don't have a tool to remove the SIM card, you can use other things.

How to add apps to Hisense Smart TV

Installing apps on Hisense TVs is, on the one hand, a straightforward process, but on the other hand, it could be more apparent as...

How to delete or deactivate your Tinder account

Want to pause or completely delete your account on Tinder? There's nothing complicated about it.

How to change input on Samsung TV

You can watch videos from a variety of sources: HDMI ports: Your TV can have up to 4 of these ports. You can connect a...

What does Quick Add mean in Snapchat, and how can you use it?

Quick Add helps you find people you know in Snapchat. Here's what else you should be aware of about this feature.

How to turn off the demo mode or retail mode on your Samsung TV

All Samsung TVs are configured to Home mode by default when they exit the production line. This Home mode is the standard setting...

Here’s how to find out if your LG TV supports Bluetooth

Modern Smart TVs offer their users a wide range of different features. TVs are usually equipped with different wireless connection technologies. For example, you...

How to fix “Cannot take screenshot due to security policy” on an Android device

When you try to take a screenshot on your mobile device, you may get a message saying, "Security policy prevents taking a screenshot." Screenshots...

Can I get ESPN without a provider?

Access ESPN live online through network TV services without needing a cable subscription.

How to watch ESPN on Vizio Smart TV

Want to watch ESPN content on your Vizio Smart TV? Here's how.

LG Corporation History from 1947 to now

Trace the evolution and development of LG Corporation from its inception in 1947 to the present day.

How to remove Google Account from Chrome

Want to remove your Google account from your Chrome browser? Here's how.

How to delete a Reddit account

Want to remove your Reedit account? Here's how.

How to add an admin to the Telegram channel

In this article, more about who the Telegram channel admin is.

How to delete YouTube account

Can you actually remove your YouTube account? Here's what you should know.

How to turn on dark mode in Google Search

Do you want to switch Google Search to dark mode? Let me show you how.

What is better to choose: an Android tablet or iPad?

This article will help you decide what to buy, an Android tablet or an iPad?

How to set up a Samsung TV for hearing impaired people

For the hearing impaired, Samsung TVs from 2021 have a setting that allows you to output sound to the TV speakers and Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

How to fix the Xfinity router blinking orange

Xfinity router blinking orange most often means that the router is being upgraded, but it can also indicate connectivity problems.

Will Samsung Smart TV work without an Internet connection?

Your Samsung Smart TV can work without internet, but in that case it will lose all Smart Features.

How to delete an app on Samsung TV

To uninstall apps from your Samsung Smart TV, visit the Apps section and remove them via Apps Settings. Alternatively, use Device Care in TV settings and choose Manage Storage to delete multiple apps simultaneously. You can also try Developer mode to delete pre-installed apps or factory reset to delete all apps at once.

Is 400 Mpbs enough for gaming?

400 Mpbs will be enough for most gamers for both downloading large games and online multiplayer.

How to check Verizon port status

You can Check Verizon port status by using the confirmation email link, on the website, or by contacting a support person.

How to watch Hulu on Firestick and Fire TV

You can install Hulu on your Fire Stick if you're in the USA and have a 2nd generation or newer device. Just search for "Hulu" and install it on your Firestick or Fire TV.

How to watch Hulu on Sony TV

Want to enjoy the Hulu content on your Sony TV? Here's how.

How to unblock someone on Apple Music

You can unblock someone on Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. You have 2 methods to do this. Here is more detail.

How to print on a Mac

To print on the Mac all you have to do is click Print from the panel at the top.

How to connect Vizio TV to Wi-Fi without a remote

To connect to Wi-Fi on Vizio TV without the remote control, use the keyboard.

How to fix when Hulu couldn’t log you in

If you're having trouble checking your Hulu email, understanding the underlying causes, such as typos in the email or server issues, can solve the problem. Checking your email input, clearing your browser cache, or contacting Hulu support can also help you get back to streaming quickly.

How to fix Samsung TV HDMI no signal problem?

To resolve HDMI no signal on Samsung TV, check cable connections, test different ports or cables, and reboot both devices.

How to change scrolling direction on Mac

You can change the scrolling direction and change the scrolling speed. You can control these options for the touchpad and mouse.

Can you charge AirPods in a different case?

If you need to charge AirPods with another case, you can do so. You can use either an original Apple case or a third-party case that supports your AirPods.

How to make the iPad keyboard bigger

You only need a couple of taps to turn off floating and split keyboards. There's more about it in this article.

Where is the power button on the Samsung TV?

The power button in Samsung TV can be either on the bottom (center, right or left) or on the back of the case.

How to delete a message in Google Chat

This article will help you understand how to delete messages in Google Chat.

How to block YouTube ads on Roku

To block YouTube ads on Roku, either stream from your PC with an AdBlock extension or adjustRoku settings to minimize ads.

How to change the input source on Samsung TV without remote

If you're looking for how to change the signal source on your Samsung TV without a remote control, you need help. The remote control...

How to cancel FuboTV

Want to unsubscribe from FuboTV? Here's how it works on different platforms.