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AppleHow to open the iPhone's SIM-card tray without the ejector tool

How to open the iPhone’s SIM-card tray without the ejector tool

People rarely take SIM-card removal tools with them. However, there are many situations when removing the SIM card from the iPhone is necessary. In that case, you can use a third-party things. There are many of them that will work for this purpose for iPhone, iPad, or Android phones.

However, it’s worth choosing more rigid and metallic small tool that won’t get stuck in your device. Usually, such a thing is a toothpick, so I don’t recommend using this.

What are some alternative ways to get the SIM card out?

If you are at home and find this tool you have lost, you can order the 5-piece set on Amazon for $2.99 or choose any other set with the required quantity. However, if you happen to be traveling and need to swap the SIM card for a local one, you can use these alternate things:

  • Paperclip.
Christin Hume / Unsplash

Paperclip is the best thing to open the iPhone’s SIM-card tray without the ejector tool. Since a paperclip is quite a versatile item, at the same time it won’t break or crack. Also the standard thickness is almost the same as the iPhone’s ejector tool. It’s also easy to buy or borrow a paperclip because it’s a common thing.

  • Sewing Pin.
Kier… in Sight Hire / Unsplash

It’s not the best thing for this purpose, but if you don’t have anything suitable, it can be handled. Pins come in different sizes, so not every pin will work for you. At the same time it’s worth choosing not a thin one, because there is a big risk that the pin will break when pressed.

  • Earring.

Miao Xiang / Unsplash

Not all earrings will fit to open the iPhone’s SIM-card tray. However, if you have such a pair of earrings it will be the most convenient. By using earrings you will have less risk of damage. Since their metal is harder. However, at the same time, not everyone has the right size earrings, or more specifically the needle end of the earring.

What things shouldn’t be used for this?

There are many things that have similar shapes to open the iPhone’s SIM-card tray. However, many of these items can only get stuck or broken. Therefore, don’t use such items to open the iPhone’s SIM-card tray without the ejector tool:

  • Staple.
Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

This item is in my opinion one of the worst to open the iPhone’s SIM-card tray. Because the usual stationery staple is quite thin and breaks quickly. At the same time they are sharp and can leave scratches on your device. There is also a big risk that the staple will get stuck. That is why it’s better to find a more suitable things.

  • Toothpick.
Mel Poole / Unsplash

The toothpick is easiest to find when you need to open the iPhone’s SIM-card tray. All you have to do is walk into a cafe or a restaurant. However, more often than not, the toothpick breaks and gets stuck in the device. That is why it’s not the best thing for this.



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