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How to add channels to your Roku device – three different ways explained

Roku is a popular platform that is well-known for its wide library of channels, that allows you to customize your device according to your needs. In fact, adding new channels is a straightforward process, so you’re unlikely to face any differences.

You can add both free and paid channels (the last one you should buy before adding them) and there are three different ways you can do this: via Roku device, via Roku mobile app, and via the Roku website.

Here’s how you can use each way to add channels to your Roku device.

How to add channels from your Roku device

In my opinion, adding channels using the Roku device is the simplest way. Here’s how to use it:

  • Press home button in order to access the Home menu.
  • Choose Streaming Channels from the left sidebar.
  • You will get to Roku Channel Store and you can navigate using different categories (like New&Notable, Just Added, Most Popular, or Top Free) or use Search Channels in case you know the name of channel you want to add.
  • After you’ve choose the channel you want to add – press OK on the Roku remote to see the channel details.
  • Then, choose Add Channel (for free channels) or Buy (for paid channels). In case you will choose Buy – you will need to proceed purchase.

How to add channels using Roku website

Another way to add channels is using the Roku website. In my opinion, this way is slightly more difficult, but it may be good in case you don’t have to your Roku device in the time. Here’s what you should do:

  • Go to Roku Online Channel Store and sign in with your Roku account credentials.
  • Choose among channels categories or use search to find a particular channel.
  • You can click on Details to see more info about channel.
  • If everything is okay, select Add Channel. In case you choose a paid channel, you will need to complete your purchase.

How to add channels using Roku mobile app

Also, you can use the Roku app available for Android or iOS. Here’s how to add channels that way:

  • Download and then open the Roku app.
  • Sign in with your Roku account info.
  • Tap on Channels at the bottom line of the app.
  • Select Channel Store.
  • You can search using channel categories or use search to find an exact channel.
  • Tap on the channel icon in order to see details.
  • If everything is okay, tap Add Channel in order to get it. In case the channel is paid, you will need to complete the purchase first.

What way to add channels is the best?

In my opinion, as I’ve already said, the most straightforward way is to add channels using the Roku device. The trick is that channels you add using a Roku website or mobile app may not be shown in your channels on your Roku device for 24 hours, cause the Roku device checks for updates once in 24 hours.

In case you’ve added a device using the mobile app or website and want to see a new channel immediately, you will need to force your Roku device to check for updates.



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