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FixHow to fix Samsung TV isn't turning on

How to fix Samsung TV isn’t turning on

Sometimes, after a difficult day at work or university, we just want to relax laying on the sofa. We want to watch our favorite unobtrusive soap operas or some of the sports events on TV. But what if at one point you suddenly realize that your Samsung TV won’t turn on?

Today’s TVs are much more complicated than they were in the past. That means the problem could be anything from the remote control to the cable. Therefore, check to see if the remote is charged and if your Samsung TV is plugged into a power source. We know this may seem kind of silly, but people sometimes forget about such things.

Fortunately, this does not mean that the TV is completely broken. You can try to fix the problem by yourself. In this article, we are going to tell you how to fix your Samsung TV, when it isn’t turning on.

How to fix Samsung TV isn’t turning on if the standby red light is on

Troubleshooting a TV that won’t turn on can be complicated. In some situations, it may still be actually turned on, but just display a black screen. The key to solving the problem is the red standby light. This is the little red light on the edge of the TV that you point the remote at. In ordinary use, the red standby light is on when the TV is off (which means the TV is in standby mode), and the red standby light is off when the TV is in use (or has no power).

It is okay if the red standby light is on when the TV is turned off (if it is plugged in and powered). But if the TV still does not work when you try to turn it on, the only thing left to exclude is the remote control.

First of all, press the power button on the remote control of the Samsung TV. If the TV does not turn on but the red standby light is on, there may be a problem with the remote control.

To understand if the remote control is the problem, try turning on the TV using the power button located on the TV itself. If the TV turns on with the button on the TV itself, then the problem is with your remote control. 

In this case, you will have to reset the remote control. Remove the batteries, then press the Power button for about eight seconds. After that, you can put the batteries back in and try to turn on the TV with the remote. If it still doesn’t work, it probably needs new batteries or you’ll have to buy a new remote control.

If the TV still does not turn on using the button on the TV, you will need to contact the Technical Support Team as a matter of urgency. And soon after that, you’ll have to visit the Support Centre to request service.

How to fix Samsung TV isn’t turning on if the standby red light is off

If the red standby light is not lit, the TV either has no power, or it is on, but the screen is just black. 

To find out if the TV is on, you can press any button on the TV except the power button. If something appears on the screen, the TV is already on. 

Alternatively, if the Samsung TV does not respond to any button you press, there may be a problem with its power supply. Unplug it from the power source and see if the power supply works. You can try using any other device, such as a laptop or phone charger. If there is nothing wrong with the power source, you can reconnect the TV after 30 seconds.

If the red standby light is not lit and the screen is black, but the TV is still on, the problem may be with the external source.

First of all, you have to check your HDMI cable. It may not be connected properly or it may be broken. Disconnect the cable and reconnect it after a couple of seconds. If nothing happens, you will need to replace the HDMI cable.

How to fix Samsung TV isn’t turning on if the standby red light is blinking

It happens that surge protectors can wear out over time and stop supplying the necessary voltage to the TV. If you are using one of these, make sure you eliminate it before you set maintenance to the blinking red standby light.

This can be a sign that something is wrong with your TV. In such cases, it is better not to take the risk and do not try to continue to solve the problem yourself, if the elementary ways of solving it did not help. That’s why you have to visit the Support Center to request service.



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