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GoogleHow to delete YouTube account

How to delete YouTube account

YouTube is great for those who have an interest in video and streaming, and it’s also well adapted for user customization. You can delete or hide your YouTube account quickly and easily.

Is it possible to get rid of the YouTube account

YouTube offers users a huge library of diverse channels that specialize in different types of content. After 2010, the site became so popular that Google took it over, and now anyone who registers through YouTube registers with Google at the same time. That is, a Google Account is now linked to the YouTube Account.

Here you’ll find out two options – deleting the old account that you don’t have access to and deleting the common account by the common method. Also here you’ll read about why lots of people delete their YouTube accounts and what are the reasons behind such a decision.

What are the reasons to delete a YouTube account

Many people have had their accounts for several years, so they can keep up, and what’s more, videos they may have uploaded a long time ago can also keep up. So the main reason why many people delete their old accounts is rebranding. In order for a new audience not to see irrelevant old videos on a channel with a certain theme, it’s worth removing and cleaning up the old material from the channel.

Moreover, if you’ve had a YouTube account for a long time where your viewing history now affects the recommendation of videos on the home page, and the content from before is no longer interesting for you, instead of cleaning up the history and putting a “Do not recommend” mark under each recommended video – it’s easier to create a new account and delete the old one.

Another reason could be that you’re no longer interested in YouTube as a platform. In order not to leave your data on Google, you can simply delete your account. In addition to YouTube, there are many other exciting platforms for watching videos and streams.

How to get rid of a YouTube account

Using this method, you can delete your account, but there is one thing. You will delete your YouTube channel (account), but you will not affect your Google Account (which, as already mentioned, is linked to the YouTube account/channel). That is, Google account you must delete separately in Google. Here’s how to delete a YouTube account/channel:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Channel
  • Then click on the Advanced settings tab
  • Scroll down until you see the line that says to remove YouTube content (you might need to sign in again to verify)
  • Select the Delete channel option and confirm

Remember, when you delete a channel, you delete all of your activity history – comments, all of the material you uploaded to the channel, etc.

Besides, if you’re still not sure if you want to delete your account or not, YouTube gives you the opportunity to simply hide your YouTube account from other users. To do this, follow the same steps, but choose Hide Account instead of Delete.

What to do without access to your old YouTube account

In fact, many people have had situations where you forget the password or username/email from your account, not only on YouTube. Now it’s easy enough to resume your account and access it. Again, though, it all depends on whether you remember your username/email.

If you created your YouTube account after 2009, then most likely your username is your Gmail account. Try to remember it, and Gmail will help you. You can reactivate your old Gmail in several ways, including verifying your phone number.

However, if you were registered on YouTube long before Google joined its “family”, then you will have to try a little harder to remember which email you entered as a credential. In case you can’t resume the account, you can try to knock on the support of YouTube, where you will help professionals.

So, you now know more about how to delete your YouTube account and start the page from scratch. Moreover, YouTube also gives you the option to hide your account from other users. Don’t forget, that deleting your account means deleting all the material you may have uploaded over the years. Be sure to check if you have previously saved your archives to the cloud or a device before deleting your YouTube channel/account.



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