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Save $60 on your iPad 9th Generation purchase now

If you've been thinking about buying an entry-level iPad for a long time, now might be the best time.

How to fix the iPad keyboard isn’t displaying

The problem may be related to the external Bluetooth keyboard, or if you use third-party keyboards on your iPad.

You can save up to $120 on buying an iPad Air 4Gen right now

Hurry up so you don't miss out on a good discount on the 4th generation iPad Air.

How to use Stage Manager on iPad

The new multi-tasking feature Stage Manager may surprise you. Let me explain how to use it properly.

How to enable location services for Hulu on iPhone or iPad

Hulu doesn't want to work for you because of problems with location services? Just activate them.

Apple has invented another adapter for the iPad

Apple has released another adapter so you can attach your Apple Pencil to the new iPad.

What does live mean in Find My on iPhone or iPad?

Don't understand what Live status means in Find My? It's very simple.

How to set the alarm on an iPad

Want to set the alarm on your iPad? Here's how.

How to fix the iPad keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Is your iPad constantly disconnecting from Wi-Fi? There is a solution!

Apple finally shows iPad 10 Gen

Apple has finally reinvent their basic iPad. The new iPad 10 Gen was unveiled today.

Apple shows new iPad PRO with M2

Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro today. And it's the first iPad to be powered by the M2 processor.

How to call 911 from an iPad

In an emergency and only have an iPad at hand? It's better to know how to call 911 from your iPad in advance.

How to disconnect your iPad from your iPhone

Tired of your iPhone and iPad constantly syncing all your data? There is a way to stop it.

How to add a device to ‘Find My’ on iPhone or iPad

In order to manage your devices in the Find My app, you should know this information.

Apple is reportedly working on a new dock that turns the iPad into a smart display

The iPad will also become more handy in the Smart Home system.

How to use Control F (Command F) on iPad

To find something on a page or in a document on your iPad, you can use the "Control F" function

How to disable split screen on iPad

How to get rid of split screen on iPad Safari on iPad has a handy feature called Split Screen View, which allows you to view...

Can you change the battery color on iPhone?

Tired of the standard battery colour? You can find out how to change it here.

How to auto-reply on iMessage on iPhone

No time for reply? Your iPhone have way to deal with it.

How to add haptic keyboard feedback to third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad

You can use haptic keyboard feedback on the built-in keyboard, Gboard, and Swiftkey.

How to set medication reminders on iPhone and iPad

In the latest iOS 16 update, Apple added the ability to create a medication calendar right in the Health app.

How to split screen on iPad Pro

The iPad is one of the best choices for working and spending free time. Apple has provided it with great features for multitasking, that...

How to fix the Split Screen isn’t working on your iPad

The iPad in today's world is better than a PC for some people. People can take it with them everywhere and be able to...

How to get Spectrum app on iPhone and iPad

Streaming services are quite popular today. Many users prefer to change their regular TVs to various streaming and video-on-demand services. As streaming platforms began to...

How to Split Screen on iPad (5th Gen) and iPad (6th Gen)

People who are actively using this function with the certainty that it's very convenient and multifunctional. Split Screen on iPad is a feature that...

Should you use a split screen on your iPad?

The iPad is one of the best choices for working and spending free time. Apple has provided it with great features for multitasking, that...

How to disable split screen on iPad in Safari

iPad is provided with a feature called Split View which is switched on by default and many people do into this mode accidentally, especially...

What iPad models support Split screen?

iPad is a multi-purpose device, that's can be used for a myriad of tasks. For some people, that's just a device to read books...

What is Split View on iPad?

Multi-window mode on iPad, called Split View, was first implemented with the release of iOS 9. During this time, Apple developers have changed the...

How to disable auto-capitalization on iPhone explained

The iPhone has long been known for its autocorrect feature. It's not uncommon for this feature to fail to work, much to the annoyance...

How to sync your iPhone and iPad using Bluetooth

Headphones, portable speakers, keyboards, even your car — these are just a few out of the many things that can connect wirelessly to your...

Is iPad Pro good for work?

The Apple iPad's one of the most popular choices on the market now. And Apple has carried that legacy with the 11-inch iPad Pro...

How to clear Safari cache on iPhone or iPad

Each Internet user has at least once faced the problem of an overloaded cache that takes storage space and makes it difficult for the...

Is the Apple Pencil worth buying?

Diverse gadgets make our lives more pleasant. Even if at first glance it seems that we don't need them at all. Does the Apple...

What is better to choose: Android tablets or iPads?

Decided to make a new purchase and buy a tablet? The choice is so wide now that it's easy to get confused. Is there a...

How to use checklist in Apple Notes app

Often users use their smartphones to record information that is important to them. In this case, users of Apple gadgets most often use the...

How to delete calendars on iPhone and iPad

Modern people rely a lot on their gadgets. In particular, their smartphones. Especially when it comes to planning some events. For this purpose, Apple...

How to change AirDrop name on iPhone, iPad or Mac

AirDrop is Apple's Bluetooth way of data transfer. That's a great feature that allows you to instantly transfer files, like images, videos, and even...

How to use Universal Control on Mac

While at WWDC 2021 last summer, Apple presented a preview of a new feature for the Mac and iPad called Universal Control. This feature is still being...

How to enable Google Maps dark mode on iPhone or iPad

Smartphones greatly simplify the lives of modern people. You no longer have to go to the library to learn something new, you can just...

How to update apps on iPhone

In today's world, various apps have a very important place. Using apps on your phone, tablet, or computer you can do almost anything. For...

How to disable ‘Shared with you’ on your iPhone or iPad (pics)

In today's world, there is a lot of competition between different manufacturers of devices and software. Because of this developers are constantly trying to...

How to avoid tolls in Apple Maps

Probably everyone has had occasions when you want to go to relatives in another city or take friends home after the weekend back in...

How to add an AirPods battery widget on your iPhone or iPad

The AirPods are probably one of the best products Apple has released since the iPhone. It's safe to say that these headphones have made...

How to change Yahoo account password on iPhone

Over the years, Yahoo Mail became one of the most popular services due to its user-friendly interface and some unique features. To ensure your...

How to charge Apple Pencil 2 without an iPad

Given that the Apple Pencil is designed to work primarily with the iPad, the process of charging the device is also directly related...

How to turn off screen time on iPhone or iPad explained

People were spending more and more time on their smartphones. Today, many people's lives are literally controlled by their devices. Your phone knows everything...

How to change your AirPods name explained

AirPods are very comfortable, high quality, and popular wireless earphones among Apple fans. Many people buy these earphones not to worry about setting them...

How to block websites on iPhone or iPad explained

Blocking various Internet resources in the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad is really a very useful option. This feature helps you protect...

How to download Disney Plus on iPhone or iPad

Disney Plus is a streaming service from Disney that can give you access to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars Universe content, only for...