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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to fix the Split Screen isn’t working on your iPad

The iPad in today’s world is better than a PC for some people. People can take it with them everywhere and be able to connect with the iPad to the whole world, for work, study, or entertainment. Since today’s iPad can do whatever it takes for different purposes. This includes the Split View feature. This is the most interesting and useful multitasking mode.

It allows you to run a couple of apps and work with them on one screen without overlapping one program with another. Many people like to use the Split View feature to save time and convenience. However, also many may find themselves in a situation where you need to fix the Split Screen that isn’t working on their iPad. Fortunately, this situation can be solved.

Why doesn’t the Split Screen function

The iPad really is a universal thing. It’s already hard to imagine the modern world without it. Just like this program, which was created so that people could make this device more multitasking. Split View is a feature of the iPad that allows you to split the screen and use two apps at the same time.

Others find that using one screen with two windows can be confusing and distracting. Before you start figuring out how fixing the Split Screen isn’t working on your iPad, you need to know a few things about this feature. So in order for you to better understand the situation and be able to solve it, you need to know what Split View on iPad is.

The Split Screen doesn’t work with all apps on the iPad. For example, apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Google Assistant tend to crash when you open them in Split View. Also, Split Screen may not be available on all iPads. Split View is only available on iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation and newer, iPad Air 2 and newer, iPad mini 4 and newer.

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What is Split View and how to enable it on the iPad

Most smartphones have a Split View feature. However, it’s more efficient and very convenient if you use an iPad with a large screen. Since you have the advantage of seeing two apps on the screen at the same time. You can chat on social networks, chat, check emails, listen to music or even watch a video stream.

For many people, this is a very big plus since, today, most people have jobs on the Internet and with this feature, they can keep up with everything. On the iPad, this feature is called Split-Screen. As the name suggests, it splits the screen into two parts so that you can view and use two apps at the same time. If you haven’t tried this feature yet you can check out the official information from Apple about Split View in Safari.

For many people, this feature is very important and if there is such a mishap when it stops working it creates an inconvenience. So to begin with, to sort out this situation, it will be important to first find out exactly how to enable Split Screen on your iPad. So that in the future you can accurately reject the possibility that you have done something wrong.

What steps to take to enable Split View

First, to solve this problem like fixing the Split Screen that isn’t working on your iPad, you need to figure out if you’re turning it on correctly. To be able to work on two screens at once, you need to activate this option. So follow these steps to set up the fix split feature:

  • The first step to do this you need to unfold the iPad by putting it in a horizontal position.
  • Next, launch the Split Screen app that you normally use.
  • Swipe from right to left along with the frame of the tablet body.
  • Once the multitasking panel with the ‘Split View’ multi-window view appears, the secondary app will launch on the left.
  • After that, you need to select the app for the right side of the display.

If you find yourself in a situation where after these actions this function doesn’t work for you, you should try to do other things.

What steps to take to fix the Split Screen that isn’t working on your iPad

Follow these steps to try to set up the Split Screenfeature on your iPad:

  • Check the multitasking settings and enable ‘Allow multiple apps’. To enable the ‘Allow multiple apps’ feature, you need to open the ‘Settings’ app. After that, click on ‘Home Screen’ and select ‘Multitasking’.
  • Launch the desired app, and then call the dock panel with a swipe from the bottom of the screen.
  • Drag the desired app to the right or left side of the screen. These actions will launch ‘Slide Over’ on the screen.
  • When adding a second app, drag it to the right or left edge of the screen to open the app in split-screen mode.
  • Temporarily change the orientation of the screen from portrait to landscape or vice versa.
  • Reboot or force reset the device.
  • Try to reset all settings. Try resetting all settings as the very last step if none of the tips worked for you, as these actions will take a bit longer. Also, make sure that you make a backup on your iPad.

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What is the difference between Split View and Slide Over on an iPad

Usually, when iPad users multitask, they mainly use two screen modes – Split View and Slide Over. These two modes perform a similar function. Both modes allow you to use two apps side by side, but each works a little differently. The most basic difference between the two modes is the different sizes of the second window on the iPad. They also differ in functionality, each suited for different types of tasks.

Split View displays two windows side by side with a black divider in the middle. That is, it’s designed for the simultaneous use of two apps in a situation where you need to constantly refer to each of them or move information from one to the other.

Slide Over works so that it displays the main app in full-screen mode, while the second app serves as an auxiliary. This second auxiliary window is placed in any part of the screen and it’s floating. The Slide Over window can be quickly dismissed and reopened if needed, making it ideal for quickly seeing information from an app while you’re working on something else.

If your iPad doesn’t work properly and you haven’t been able to configure this feature in any way, you should go to a service center so that professionals can fix the problem. Also, more individual approach to this issue, holding your device in his hands, the situation will be resolved much faster.

Since this feature is very useful on the iPad because it allows you to share the screen and copy data from one app to another. In addition, you can be in a browser and work on some other apps at the same time. Also if you need to disable the Split Screen on the iPad, you can follow the steps which are described in this article.



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