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AppleIs iPad Pro good for work?

Is iPad Pro good for work?

The Apple iPad’s one of the most popular choices on the market now. And Apple has carried that legacy with the 11-inch iPad Pro for 2021. There were no big changes displayed among all new iPads over the last years, however, in 2021, Apple introduced the Apple M1 chip. It’s the same chip that the MacBooks, the iMacs, and the Mac minis are powered by. This means that Apple has suited the iPad to offer as much power as its laptops and PCs. So, basically, it means that laptops may be replaced by iPads.

For example, if you often use Google Docs, a proprietary Content Management System (CMS), or some rudimentary photo editing, web browsing, and social media, it’s a great choice.

Can your Mac be replaced by iPad Pro 2021

The older version of the iPad Pro could easily deal with all of this without breaking a sweat, and the 2021 iPad Pro version’s able to do the same. Surely, the new version deals much faster and smoother with it. An iPad with M1 is also a great choice for people who’re involved in editing and exporting 4K videos, or creating content on the tab like music or videos, as it’s able to expedite it all faster.

Apps are also being adapted to the M1 chip, as Apple developers try to provide users who want to replace their laptops with the tablet with this opportunity. It means, that almost every app that has been available on your laptop, can be used via your tablet.

Definitely, your iPad Pro can be used instead of Mac, but if you need to work with things that demand a big screen, Mac’s a better choice. It would be just more effortless to read or edit content when you have a key to a big screen. Moreover, the trackpads on the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air are bigger than the ones on the magic Keyboard.

What are the spec techs of iPad Pro 2021

One of the biggest advantages of the iPad Pro over the MacBook is that it’s much more comfortable to watch some TV shows or series and movies. iPad Pro’s much smaller than MacBook, so it would be more convenient to take it outside with you.

However, there’re some disadvantages to the iPad Pro. For example, a slight heating problem and its front camera placement. Those things should be really changed. iPad Pro may be heated while gaming and it’s inconvenient, especially if the room where you’re is hot or non-air-conditioned, so the gaming experience can be unsatisfactory.

As the iPad overheated even from not heavy games, it might cause some problems for people who deal with heavy-duty tasks such as video editing, soundtrack editing, etc. It means that for people who require more power, the device may be not suitable. Of course, the iPad Pro may be used as a portable alternative and not a replacement for the MacBooks.

Moreover, there’re some issues with the front camera of the iPad Pro. In portrait mode, the front camera’s on top of the device, but in landscape mode, which the iPads exactly used most of the time, the camera’s on one side which is bizarre. If you’re carrying the iPad in your hand, you’re going to have the camera covered up, which hinders the face unlocking feature unless it’s placed on the keyboard.

Mathieu Improvisato / Unsplash

What other features come with iPad Pro

The 2021 iPad has also been released with a new Center Stage feature for the front camera. The front camera on the iPad with its ultra-wide lens and large field of view can track a user with this option. It means that it zooms in or out to maintain the user in the frame even if you’re moving during a video.

In addition to this, Apple also has a machine that tracks movements. It means that your iPad or your camera doesn’t move, but it seems like it’s. It’s a perfect option for those who often do many webinars or live videos. This feature’s also available on other video conferencing apps like Zoom and MicrosoftTeams.

The 11-inch 2021 iPad Pro doesn’t have the top-of-the-line Retina XDR display that the 12.9-inch version has. The screen on the 11-inch is quite good but is definitely not the best offer that Apple may release. The front camera on the 2021 iPad requires some advancements, while the back camera’s still worthy.

Kelly Sikkema / unsplash

So, is the iPad Pro 2021 good for work? Surely, especially, in case, you need a more portable option for a laptop. If you don’t deal with some complicated duties, iPad Pro 2021 would also be a good choice. so, definitely, Apple has made a lot of upgrades in this version, but still, if you use your Mac for more complicated tasks, iPad Pro 2021 would still not be able to replace it.



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