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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Next iPad Pro may have a MagSafe: Here’s why it’s cool

Back in 2021, there were rumors that Apple considered adding MagSafe charging to iPads. In December 2023, MacRumors got a tip from someone who knows about Apple’s magnet suppliers. They said the 2024 iPad Pro would come with MagSafe charging. And that’s just one of the new things expected for the iPad Pro.

This news spread quickly, and people have mixed feelings about it. I think that if Apple has to use a glass back that could break, maybe MagSafe isn’t such a great idea. But if Apple can figure out a way to mix metal and glass in the back, using glass only where it’s needed for wireless charging, that would be awesome.

So, let’s investigate why I think the next iPad Pro might include MagSafe. Is it something we need?

iPad Pro 2024 rumor claims MagSafe is coming

Apple didn’t drop a new iPad Pro in 2023, making us think they’re preparing something big.

I’ve been looking into what the new iPad Pro might offer, and it looks like we’re in for some treats. We will likely see the 2024 iPad Pro with an OLED screen, MagSafe support, a fresh Magic Keyboard, and an M3 chip.

Apple has been tight-lipped, and we’re unsure when the new iPad Pro will launch. But according to Bloomberg, it’ll likely be in the first half of 2024, maybe even March.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hinted that Apple considered a glass back for the iPad Pro, opening the door to wireless charging. But then, sources at 9to5Mac suggested Apple was iffy about a glass back because it’s easier to damage and makes the device more fragile. Yet, an aluminum back would make it tough for MagSafe to work well.

Word on the street is that Apple’s made some iPad Pro prototypes with a bigger Apple logo, kind of like the new MacBook’s, but this one’s glass. So, power could go through this glass logo. They’ve put in stronger magnets to keep it safe and make charging faster than the iPhone’s MagSafe.

This leak seems legit, especially since Mark Gurman at Bloomberg mentioned a design revamp for the 2024 iPad Pro.

For now, it’s a waiting game. But given the no-show in 2023, I’m betting we’re in for something awesome with the next iPad Pro.

Is iPad Pro with MagSafe cool or not?

Charging an iPad with MagSafe seems cool initially, but is it effective?

Imagine if the iPad’s MagSafe is like the iPhone’s, bringing many cool features. MagSafe has this magnetic ring that lets a charger snap right onto the device for cable-free charging, thanks to a special glass panel on the back.

I’ve mentioned before that it would be great if Apple could cleverly blend metal and glass on the back, using glass just in the charging area. However, there’s a catch: a glass back might make the iPad less tough compared to current models. So, you’re getting a cool new feature, but you might also have a higher chance of breaking your device if it drops.

As of now, there’s no clear word on which version of MagSafe Apple plans to use for the iPad Pro – whether it’s the iPhone version for wireless charging and attaching accessories or the MagSafe 3 for wired charging like on the Mac. But if rumors are to be believed, all signs are that it will work like with the iPhone.

It’s too early to call if MagSafe will be a hit on the iPad. Some might find it super handy, while others stick to good old wired charging. But I think it’d be cool to have that option. My iPad Pro would be a wireless monitor for work that is always charged (I don’t like having a lot of wires on my desk). And new tech stuff is always exciting, right?

P.S. Some folks argue MagSafe isn’t powerful enough for the iPad Pro. But I doubt Apple would release a gadget with charging issues. Plus, Android tablets can charge wirelessly, so saying it won’t have enough power doesn’t really hold up, at least in my book.



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