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AppleYou can save up to $120 on buying an iPad Air 4Gen...

You can save up to $120 on buying an iPad Air 4Gen right now

The new fifth-generation iPad Air with the M1 processor on board was unveiled not too long ago. This means that prices of earlier models have started to drop dramatically, and now many retailers are offering good discounts on purchasing the fourth iPad Air.

For example, at the beginning of Black Friday, Walmart offers discounts of up to $120 on 64GB and 256GB models, dropping the price to $349 and $499, respectively. In the case of the 64GB model, however, only gray space is available for now. Also, Walmart didn’t announce the expiration date of this discount, so you should hurry if you’re planning to buy this iPad yourself.

Let’s tell you a little more about this iPad. As I mentioned above, only the 5th generation iPad has an M1 processor, which means that the fourth generation iPad Air’s fourth generation 2020 release comes with a weaker A14 Bionic processor. It’s more than enough if you don’t plan to use it for demanding tasks like video editing and intense gaming.

The fourth-generation iPad Air also has Wi-Fi 6 support for faster performance and downloads. It has a stunning 10.9-inch Retina display, a 12-megapixel rear camera, and a 7-megapixel front camera.

Like all tablets in this lineup, it’s very light and thin. It weighs only one pound. This tablet won’t replace your laptop, but it’s great for web browsing, social networking, streaming shows and movies, video chatting, and more.



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