As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.


iOS 17.4 updates iPhone’s Clock app – one of the oldest apps

The update includes a small but important change to the stopwatch function.

HBO Max announced a price increase

HBO Max is going to raise subscription prices as early as next month.

Google Docs and Google Slides got another update

Google released another update that affects Google Docs and Google Slides

Windows 11 will soon have access to Android 13

Microsoft said that soon all Windows 11 users will get Android 13

Samsung is going to unveil a brand-new Galaxy A smartphone

Samsung is about to introduce a new smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy A line

Asus presented a powerful and compact gaming PC with 13th Gen Core i9

At CES 2023, Asus showed off a pretty powerful and small gaming PC.

Delta is about to launch a free Wi-Fi hotspot on its planes

If you often fly Delta airlines, soon there will be free Wi-Fi from T-Mobile

Excel’s Automate tab added on Windows and Mac

Excel announced that they are adding the Automate tab feature to the desktop version for Windows or Mac

The new LG Gram laptops are coming out soon

LG announced a line of new LG Gram laptops

Telegram is expecting one more update this year

Telegram developers released the last update of the year.

One more country made USB Type-C port is required in phones

USB Type-C will soon become mandatory in smartphones in yet another country.

Amazon starts real tests of drone delivery

Want to order something on Amazon? Perhaps your order will soon be brought in by drones.

Microsoft is reportedly testing tabs in Windows Notepad

There is information that Microsoft is currently testing tabs in Windows Notepad

Steam allowed players to see game stats of the year

Steam open the annual opportunity to view game statistics for this year.

DaVinci Resolve video editor is available on the iPad

If you want to use your iPad for video editing, you can.

Google will allow parents to monitor their kids’ purchases on Google Play

Now you are able to control your child's Google Play purchases.

Now you can fix your Mac by yourself

Apple has now allowed users to fix their own Macs

The Steam Deck’s 2nd-gen is probably not going to be much more powerful

The creators of Steam Deck gave a few details about the future of the second-generation device.

HTC is going to release a new VR headset

HTC officials said that the company is going to introduce a new VR headset.

Skype will get a new design

Microsoft revealed the new Skype design

Code Blocks appeared in Google Docs for some users

Soon it will be even easier to add pieces of Code to your Google Docs.

Uber again affected by a data breach

Another data leak happened with Uber

Google Chrome will soon stop supporting Windows 7

As early as next year, Google Chrome is going to abandon Windows 7.

Intel Arc became better in old games

If you like old games, Intel Arc might be more appealing to you.

The latest Google Chrome update adds useful new modes

Memory Saver and Energy Saver were added in the latest Chrome update.

App Store adds new price points

The new prices can apply to subscriptions starting today. Learn more about it.

Google is going to add a free VPN to the Pixel 7

Google has confirmed that Pixel 7 will soon have access to a free VPN service.

Apple AR/VR headset may be delayed

An analyst reports that Apple's future AR/VR headset could face a delay.

Google reported that Android has become more secure

According to a recent Google report, they noted that Android has become more secure.

Microsoft released a mini hoodie for their controllers

Suffering from a controller that is too cold? Microsoft has a solution.

Meta received a massive $275 million fine

Europe's GDPR fined Meta for using Facebook data

Proton announced updates for Proton Mail and Proton Calendar

If you use Proton Mail or Ptoron Calendar, you'll soon be able to get a whole bunch of new features.

The new version of Stable Diffusion 2 is finally out

Recently a new version of Stable Diffusion 2 was released which brought a lot of improvements and some degradation.

Twitter is going to add gold and grey checks

Elon Musk talked more about how Twitter's new verification system will work.

Asus released the world’s most thin 14-inch laptop

Asus has finally released its alternative to macbooks, which they talked about a few months ago.

Announced new controller for Xbox Series that copies the Xbox 360 controller

Soon you will be able to buy yourself a classic controller from Xbox 360 for the new Xbox Series

Shazam received a very important update

Shazam has finally improved its awful widget.

Nvidia reacted to Nvidia 4090 cables melting

Finally we saw the official response from Nvidia about the problems with their cables.

You can use the AirPods Pro as Hearing Aids

You may be able to use AirPods Pro as an alternative to hearing aids in the near future.

Amazon is also about to start laying off its employees

Another company announced massive layoffs.

YouTube is going to add shopping features in shorts video

Soon you'll be able to buy merchandise directly from YouTube Shorts.

Windows 11 Task Manager gets its new major update

Microsoft has finally released the long-awaited improvement to the Task Manager.

Apple will release the Satellite SOS as early as this November

SOS satellite signals will be available on your iPhones 14 as early as this month.

You may have trouble buying a new iPhone during these holidays

Buying an iPhone 14 Pro on these holidays can be difficult.

Twitter testing its new Blue subscription on the latest iOS update

Twitter is working hard to develop paid verification of user accounts.

AMD shows new GPU generation

AMD finally showed their answer to Nvidia graphics cards. It turned out to be quite promising.

Sony announces PS VR2 release date

Sony has finally announced the start date for its new version of the VR headset.

Elgato release their first 4K Webcam

A new king has appeared on the webcam market.

Apple increasing the prices of their services

Apple's subscription service prices are about to go up again.

Spotify probably going to raise its prices

Don't rush to switch to spotify because of the low price. This may change in the near future.