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AppleHow to disable split screen on iPad

How to disable split screen on iPad

How to get rid of split screen on iPad

Safari on iPad has a handy feature called Split Screen View, which allows you to view two websites simultaneously on your screen. Enabling Split Screen mode on the iPad is relatively easy, but disabling it is more complicated. Many users can’t figure out how to remove the split screen view on iPad, but it’s not too difficult either.

What do you need to disable the split screen on your iPad

Apple has managed to combine many valuable features in the iPad. One of these features is a split-screen. It allows you to use several applications simultaneously on your tablet screen. And it can be convenient. You can watch a movie and browse your social networking feed simultaneously.

It’s also handy for work when you need to do two things at once. Sometimes you just need to reconcile some documents, so you don’t have to switch between them all the time, you can use the split-screen feature.

However, if you suddenly don’t need to use this feature anymore, you can turn it off. Here’s how you can do it and get rid of screen sharing on your iPad.

What is a split screen feature on the iPad?

Safari for iPad offers a nice split-screen feature that allows you to view and read two websites in the Safari browser, which are visible when the iPad is oriented in horizontal landscape mode. Although entering split screen mode in Safari on the iPad is pretty easy, many users find that getting in and out of split screen mode in Safari on the iPad is not as obvious.

This makes some iPad users completely confused by Safari Split View mode on their tablets. They may think it’s either frozen or can’t be turned off, but rest assured that you can close Safari Split View and exit Split View mode reasonably quickly.

Which iPads support the split screen feature

If you want to use split-screen viewing on an iPad, you must make sure you have a 5th-generation iPad or iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, or any other 5th-generation model or later. This is because earlier iPad models than the 5th generation do not support split-screen viewing. Also, update your tablet to the latest version of iPadOS.

How to remove the split screen feature on an iPad

If you want to exit a split-screen view on your iPad, you have to follow these steps:

  • First, when you open the two applications, you will see a separating line between them.
  • Tap and drag the app separator to the left or right, depending on which side of the app you want to close.
  • Finally, when you reach the edge of the screen, release the separator and get a full-screen view of one app.

If you want to disable a split-screen view on your iPad fully, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” app on your iPad.
  • After that, tap “Homescreen & Dock.
  • Then, in the “Multitasking” section, switch off “Allow Multiple Apps.

Once you have completed these steps, you have completely closed the split-screen view function. If you want to enable this feature again, you just need to repeat the above steps and enable the “Allow Multiple Apps” option.

An important thing to keep in mind is the split-screen of Safari. If you have enabled split-screen browsing in Safari on your iPad, it will continue to work there even if you have disabled split-screening on the iPad.

How to disable the split screen feature on iPad in Safari

If you have a split screen active, you will see two Safari tabs next to each other. If you want to turn off the split-screen feature in Safari, you need to do the following

  • Open the URL address bar in Safari by pulling the screen down, so the toolbar appears.
  • Tap the tabs icon, which looks like two rectangles overlapping each other.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Combine all tabs.”
  • After that, the normal mode will open with a single Safari tab on the iPad screen.

You can also select the “Close all tabs” option if you no longer need the browser. This will also disable Safari Split View mode.

How to close a split Safari screen on an iPad by closing tabs

If you want to close the tabs open in Safari Split View, you can exit and leave Safari Split View by specifically closing all the tabs open in the Split View panel in Safari. To do this, you have to follow these steps:

  • In Safari Split View on the iPad, tap on the URL/address bar at the top of the screen to open the Safari navigation buttons and tab bar.
  • Then, tap on the tiny pale gray “X” button in Safari to close this Safari tab.
  • If you have multiple tabs open in split-screen Safari mode, repeat and press the other tiny light gray “X” buttons until all the tabs in the split bar you want to close are closed.

The close tab button in Safari Split View can be hard to find, not only because it is pretty small and light gray but also because it is not visible unless the broader Safari navigation options are visible.

Also, after closing and exiting Safari’s split screen, if you rotate the iPad from vertical portrait to horizontal landscape orientation, Safari will no longer split screen on the iPad.


  1. Why even put this garbage fix on here ? You know it doesn’t exist under Home Screen. I hate this feature,if your finger lingers a little too long this annoying window pops up

  2. While searching how to remove a sidebar I came across the solution that another person had posted and it worked. I wish I could remember his name. Anyway, double tap the home button and it will show the cites you have used. Now put your finger on each window and swipe upwards and do this on each one until they are all gone from the screen. THANK GOODNESS THIS WORKED!

  3. I followed the instruction for disabling the split screen, but when I tap on home screen and dock under settings, no multitasking section appears, so I can’t switch it off. I HATE this app, and have had to remove it before, but every time I accept a update, it comes back.


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