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GuidesHow to change Yahoo account password on iPhone

How to change Yahoo account password on iPhone

Over the years, Yahoo Mail became one of the most popular services due to its user-friendly interface and some unique features. To ensure your Yahoo account’s security and protection, it is important to change your Yahoo password within some period of time. This is an important task that requires you to go through a few simple steps. The information below will explain to you how to change Yahoo password on devices like iPhone, iPad, computer, and get answers to some of the common queries related to Yahoo password change.

Changing Yahoo Password on iPhones

With the rise in the use of Android and iPhones, users now prefer using the Yahoo Mail app on these devices. All that is required to do is just launch the app from Play Store and App Store respectively, and install it. While ensuring a unique combination of characters including alphabets, numbers, and special characters is important, the Yahoo password must be changed from time to time in order to keep your information in safe. This enhances the security and safety of your Yahoo account from various threats.

How to change Yahoo password on iPhone

Although an iPhone comes with Safari as the default web browser, you can download and install the Yahoo Mail app on the iPhone and change the password. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First, you should download the Yahoo Mail app on your iPhone.
  2. Then, fill in the correct login credentials in the blank fields and tap on “Login”.
  3. After that, you should click on the Menu icon and go to “Manage Accounts”.
  4. Next, select Account info and then “Security Settings”.
  5. After that, you should type in the security code for your iPhone and then tap on “Change Password”.
  6. Click on “I Would Rather Change My Password”.
  7. In the end, you should fill in the new password and then enter it again to confirm. Tap on Continue in order to complete the process.

How to change Yahoo Password on iPad

It may happen that you don’t know how to change the Yahoo password on your iPad. Once you change your Yahoo account’s password, you can no longer use the old password to log into your Yahoo account. You can use either the Yahoo Mail app or a web browser to log into your Yahoo account and change the password.

How To Reset Yahoo Password on iPad

Resetting the Yahoo password is usually a result of failed login attempts with incorrect passwords. If you want to reset the password and regain access to your Yahoo account on an iPad you should do the following steps:

  1. First, you should click on the Yahoo Mail app on your iPhone.
  2. After that, fill in the login username and click on Continue.
  3. Then, you should choose the “Forgot Password” option and go to the next step.
  4. Next, type in your registered phone number or an alternate email address, and tap on “Continue”.
  5. Then, the security code that you received via email or text message should be filled in, and after that you should tap on “Continue”.
  6. After your Yahoo account is verified, you should follow the on-screen prompts to set a new password.

All in all, the Yahoo password should be changed from time to time in order to enhance the security and privacy of your Yahoo account. All that is required for this process is just log into your account using the Yahoo Mail app or by using a web browser such as Chrome and Firefox. Next, you should follow the steps that are mentioned above in order to change the password of your Yahoo account in a small period of time.



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