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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Should you wait for a new iPad Pro?

Of course, it’s worth saying, “Wait and see.” In my opinion, it’s worth waiting for the new iPad Pro to launch. But the current 6th-gen iPad Pro is a really powerful and cool gadget, and purchasing it won’t be a big mistake if you need it immediately.

For the first time since its introduction in 2010, Apple did not release a new iPad model in 2023. This situation hints that Apple is working on a new version, presumably to counter the decline in iPad sales and implement a strategy to introduce a new product to reverse this trend.

So, let me explain in more detail why waiting for the new iPad Pro is advisable and what facts point to it. A brief teaser: OLED display and M3 chip, maybe.

Rumors and leaks about iPad Pro 2024

News, rumors, and leaks about the 2024 iPad Pro are making rounds. Initially, whispers suggested that Apple was crafting a strategy to boost iPad sales, given that iPads aren’t their top-selling product. Following this, Mark Gurman reported that Apple aims to refresh the iPad lineup in 2024. The goal is to increase sales and simplify the product range.

The iPad lineup is indeed complex. There are five main models: the Pro, Air, Mini, and the ninth and tenth generations of the standard iPad. Things were much simpler initially, with just two primary sizes – a large and a small version, with previous year’s models selling at a discount.

Over time, Apple has added new features. In addition to the standard and mini iPads, new budget-friendly models, the high-end Air, and more powerful Pro versions were introduced. These came with larger screens and extra features. The aim was to capture a broader audience and ultimately sell more tablets. However, this has led to a cluttered and confusing lineup.

To start, Apple wants to reduce confusion between the iPad Pro and Air. The plan includes several changes, like incorporating an OLED screen, maybe MagSafe, a revamped design, the M3 chip, and an updated Magic Keyboard.

Moreover, the new iPad Pro models have codenames – J717, J718, J720, and J721, and they are set to run on the M3 chip, as Bloomberg reported last summer.

Finally, there’s a leak from Majin Bu. Majin Bu claims that Apple is developing a “scaled-down” version of macOS for the latest iPad Pro models.

Honestly, I can’t say I believe this 100%. Various sources have previously stated that if you want macOS, buy a MacBook. Saying it’s impossible. But then again, anything may be.

iPad Pro 2024 release date and price

I think we should expect new iPads in 2024. Two years without new iPads would be too much. Initially, Bloomberg hinted that Apple’s latest offerings would be unveiled by June 2024. Then, a new leak surfaced, suggesting the iPad Pro 2024 will debut in late March.

September is usually Apple’s prime time for unveilings, but March could also pack a punch this year. Mark Gurman believes that March will bring us both the iPad Pro 2024 and the iPad Air 6.

Now, about pricing. I think we should be prepared to splurge. According to The Elec, a South Korean publication, the 11-inch OLED iPad Pro might be priced around $1,500, while its larger 13-inch could reach about $1,800. Yes, it is expensive, but the specs will improve (I guess).

However, these are still speculations at this point. Let’s wait and see what Apple has in store for us. For context, the current iPad Pro lineup starts at $800, and that’s without any accessories.

What will iPad Pro 2024 be like?

Let’s discuss what’s exciting about the upcoming iPad Pro and why it might be worth the wait.

First off, Gurman shares that the new 13- and 11-inch iPad Pros are expected to upgrade to OLED screens, just like some high-end tablets and iPhones. This means we’ll likely see better colors, deeper blacks, and overall improved visuals.

The Elec reports that Apple, LG Display, and Samsung Display had been in talks to supply OLED panels for the iPad at $270 for the 11-inch model and $350 for the 13-inch version.

Gurman has also hinted at a potent M3 chipset powering the iPad, though this detail isn’t widely confirmed yet. So, we’ll see, but the chipset won’t be any worse than the M2. (That’s for sure). However, it seems plausible for Apple to add the M3 to the new iPad, especially considering these new models’ potential high price tag.

Another exciting update might be the Magic Keyboard. The plan is to craft the Magic Keyboard with an aluminum body like the MacBook’s keyboard. It will function and open like a standard laptop.

The iOS 17.4 beta code also hints that the new iPad could have a Face ID camera that works in landscape orientation.

The new iPad Pros may be the best with these OLED screens. But we’ll have to see if the other upgrades make the price worth it. So, if you still want the new product, you shouldn’t rush to buy the iPad Pro 6th gen. Wait a couple of months. In any case, the iPad Pro 6 generation will become cheaper after the release of new products.



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