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AppleApple has invented another adapter for the iPad

Apple has invented another adapter for the iPad

Apple has always strived to make its devices “Different. One of the unique solutions in their devices is the Lightning charging port. It is an Apple-made port that, until recently, was installed on all mobile devices. A few years ago, Apple started replacing the obsolete Lightning with the newer USB Type-C in iPads. This happened because they were trying to position the iPad as a replacement for the laptop. The Lightning had become too slow for the tasks users needed.

However, because of this, there was a hilarious situation with the new generation of iPads. At its last presentation, Apple introduced a new entry-level iPad, the 10th generation iPad. And in it, the company redesigned and replaced the Lightning with USB Type-C.

And everything was fine until the company announced that the new iPads don’t support the second-generation Apple Pencil with magnetic charging. At this point, everyone’s wondering how to use the first-generation Apple Pencil with the new iPad if it charges through the Lightning port, which the new iPads don’t have. Apple offered an unusual solution. The company will now sell an adapter from Lightning to USB Type-C.

This adapter has a Lightning port on one side and a USB Type-C port on the other, which allows the Apple Pencil to be inserted into and used with the 10th-generation iPad. Of course, it’s not as convenient as the magnetic Apple Pencil, but users have a choice. Of course, you can still buy a stripped-down third-party stand for the Apple Pencil, but it’s not as convenient when traveling, and you might have trouble connecting it to the iPad. So the easiest solution is to buy an adapter. Moreover, it is not expensive.

If you already have an Apple Pencil, the adapter will cost you an additional $ 9. However, if you are only planning to buy yourself a first-generation Apple Pencil, Apple now sells it with an adapter to USB Type-C in the kit. The only question that is still open is whether the first-generation Apple Pencil will now support other iPads with a USB Type-C connector.



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