As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

Social Media

How to delete watch history on TikTok

This section stores your viewing history for the last 180 days. You can delete the history only through the app with just a few taps.

How to edit Instagram message

Now, you can edit sent Instagram messages if you made a typo or forgot to add an emoji.

Does reading Reddit worth it?

Reddit is a vast online platform divided into many specialized communities, known as subreddits, that cater to various interests ranging from niche hobbies such...

How to get tips on Twitter: payment in cryptocurrency

In May 2021, Twitter initiated trials of a new feature allowing a select group of users worldwide to offer tips in fiat currency through...

How to delete or deactivate your Tinder account

Want to pause or completely delete your account on Tinder? There's nothing complicated about it.

What does Quick Add mean in Snapchat, and how can you use it?

Quick Add helps you find people you know in Snapchat. Here's what else you should be aware of about this feature.

How to delete a Reddit account

Want to remove your Reedit account? Here's how.

How to add an admin to the Telegram channel

In this article, more about who the Telegram channel admin is.

How much is a Swan gift worth on TikTok?

It's not the most expensive gift. Here's what you should know.

How much is a Galaxy worth on TikTok?

Don't know how much the Galaxy Gift costs? This article will help you figure it out.

How much is a Universe worth on TikTok?

Want to send someone whole Universe in TikTok? Here is how much it'll cost to you.

How to turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) in Telegram

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Telegram is a straightforward process that significantly enhances the security of your account.

How to find who views your TikTok

Curiosity about who is viewing your TikTok videos or profile is only natural. And fortunately, it's easy to find this information on your profile page.

How to use reverse image search on Instagram

Although Instagram doesn't have a reverse image search option, you can use Google, Bing or TinEye to do so.

What does ‘Received’ mean on Snapchat?

'Received' means you have received the message but have not yet read it. Besides this, Snapchat has other statuses as well.

How to screenshot on Snapchat without getting someone knowing

Snapchat has restricted the ability to use previous methods to take a screenshot in snapchat without notifying. This now works differently on iPhone, although on Android you can still enable screen recording.

How to make your own sound on TikTok

If you're looking to create your own sound on TikTok, there are a few different ways you can do it. You can make a sound from scratch by recording a video or voiceover to it, or you can add a sound from your phone.

Does Tinder notify screenshots?

The answer is NO. Fear not, you won't have to feel awkward because your Match won't know about it.

How to make a spoiler text on 4chan

Spoiler tag or black text is a way to hide some info, so other users will read it only if they will hover it with a mouse cursor.

4chan captcha is a joke

Like 20 attempts. ONE success.

How to report a user in Twitter Spaces

Using the mobile app you can report a user in Twitter Spaces or report a Space. So let's figure it out.

AOL chat rooms are gone; here’s what you can use instead

The AOL chat rooms are shut down, but here's other great services similar to the old-but-gold chat rooms.

X is the wrong name for social media. That’s why

The Twitter is gone, now it's X. And the name is bad.

How to add comments to Telegram channel

To add comments to Telegram channel, you need to add the group to the Discussion section in the settings. After that, you will automatically be able to comment on any post in Telegram on all devices.

Here’s how Snapchat Streaks works

If you're not familiar with this feature of Snapchat, streaks are special series of photo and video exchanges between users that last for several days in a row. The longer a stream manages to stay saved, the higher its score.

How to save Twitter gifs

Using an iPhone, iPad or Android Phone you can download an app that will help you save Twitter gifs. If you are using a desktop open the EZGif website and paste the link to save the GIF.

How to make a story on Snapchat private

You can create a private Snapchat story and from the list choose which friends will see it. But it's best to change Snapchat story privacy settings so that it applies to all stories.

How to fix the WhatsApp profile picture not showing

If other users can't see your WhatsApp profile picture, you probably need to change your privacy settings or unlock the user. If you can't see other users' profile picture, then the fixes will be a little different.

How to enable Active Status on Instagram

If you want 'Last Active' to be displayed, you need to enable the Show Activity status option. To do this, go to Settings.

Can you browse a Facebook Marketplace without an account?

You can't just go to Marketplace if you're not signed in, you will be redirected on login page. But you can still search marketplace without a Facebook account, you just need to Google location.

Is Threads going to kill Twitter?

Threads is a great Instagram extension and it ads completely new feature: now, Instagram users can run their own microblogs. But that's not enough to kill Twitter.

How to pin a comment on Instagram

In this article, we'll tell you how to pin a comment on Instagram and make it stand out. You'll learn simple steps to pin a comment, as well as practical tips to help you make the most of this feature.

Meta Threads is coming, and that may be the one to really compete with Twitter

Here's one more Twittter competitors seems to come. And now there's everythings to succeed, including a large users base!

What is Bluesky? The decentralized Twitter alternative people are switching from the blue-bird app

Bluesky is fresh decentralized Twitter alternative, that's developing its own AT protocol.

How to change your age on TikTok

Want to change your age on TikTok? Here's what you should know.

Snapchat ad-revenue sharing program seems like one of the best in the industry, and here’s why

Snapchat ad-revenue sharing program let's Snapchat creators to boost their revenue, but that turns into constant posting and lack of privacy. And that hurts Snapchat as a "space for friends".

How to turn off active status on Instagram

Here is all the latest information about active status on Instagram.

How to turn on dark mode on Pinterest

In this article, I will show you simple steps on how to enable dark mode on Pinterest on different devices.

What is Twitter hashflag?

You see a Hashflag and you don't know what it means? Let me help you.

How to strikethrough text in Telegram

Want to strikethrough your Telegram message? Here's how.

How to remove two-factor authentication on Facebook

You can turn two-factor authentication on Facebook via your phone or website. And even if you lose your phone, you still can turn it off, even without any recognized account available.

How to hide your online status in Telegram

Here's more on how to manage online status in Telegram.

How to save Instagram audio messages on iPhone

Here are two methods to save Instagram audio messages on iPhone.

How to find friends on Kik

Want to find your friends on Kik? Here's how.

How to change your Reddit username

Want to change your username on Reddit? Here's what you should know.

How to reply to a specific message on Instagram

Let's get started and learn how to reply to a specific message on Instagram.

How to duplicate a Facebook event

Here are the steps to duplicate a Facebook event.

How to add a co-host to a Facebook Event

Here's more about co-host Facebook events.

How to fix TikTok notifications aren’t working

Not getting notifications from TikTok? Here's how to fix it.

How to group Snapchat notifications

Here it's more about notification grouping.