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GuidesHow to hide your online status in Telegram

How to hide your online status in Telegram

Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea that your activity status is visible to others? Here you will learn how to get rid of this option in Telegram.

Is there an option to hide your online status in Telegram

There are plenty of apps like Telegram these days. Still, messengers are in high demand, everyone wants to be able to call their loved ones for free, send photos in a moment and simply share their content through attractive groups, etc. Telegram has it all and more.

However, most of these messengers always, by default, show your current activity. Wherever you’re, Telegram will record your activity through the app and show others that you’re online. Almost every messenger and social network has this feature. However, is it possible to turn it off? And in general, how does this status work, what is it for, and does it not violate your privacy? Read more below.

How does Online Status work in Telegram

Telegram has long taken its place among such giants as Facebook and its Messenger, Instagram, Watsapp, etc. The fact is that previously the latter were quite unreliable in terms of personal information, etc. Therefore, many users stopped trusting these platforms and switched to Telegram or other more secure apps. In times when personal information can be in the hands of anyone, such encrypted messengers are in quite good demand.

Although all of these platforms show the status of the page or account owner by default, Telegram is a bit more flexible in this regard. You can choose whether others can see your activity status or not.

Instead of your status, users will see that you were “recently active” on Telegram. That is, you may be online, but not online at the same time. This feature is convenient here because no one will really know your exact status. This is very convenient because people can write to you and know that you will soon see their message. And at the same time, you can choose not to respond as much as you want.

The other side of the coin is that by hiding your status, you also lose the ability to see the status of others. This is fair enough, if you respect your own privacy, you should have the same principles for others.

How to hide your online status on Telegram

Telegram is available on all platforms and its settings will be the same everywhere, whether it is on Android, macOS, iOS, or Windows. All you need is to launch the app or download it from the official Telegram website. Next, just follow the guide to change your status in Telegram on mobile devices:

  • Launch Telegram on your smartphone or tablet
  • Tap the hamburger icon the top-left corner of the screen (three horizontal lines)
  • Select Settings from the dropdown menu
  • Then, choose Privacy and Security
  • Select the Last Seen & Online option
  • Choose between Everybody, My Contacts, and Nobody. Confirm the change by selecting the checkmark icon
  • Confirm the decision with OK

How to hide your online status via PC

And here is the same guide, but slightly different from the previous one on how to change the status on Windows or macOS:

  • Open the Telegram app
  • Click on the hamburger menu
  • Select Settings from the list of options
  • Then, choose Last seen & online (Privacy and Security tab)
  • Select Nobody (or My contacts)
  • Click on Save
  • Confirm the prompt with Continue

As already mentioned, you can be hidden, but others will not be displayed to you either. Of course, you can make exceptions for specific people or groups and the settings you set will not apply to them. This is a very handy feature if you often use Telegram for work matters and don’t want to be distracted on your day off, etc.

Also, be on the lookout at all times. The fact is that all messengers, including Telegram, don’t guarantee complete anonymity. They still record your every action and activity to improve their work, etc., so all your information is stored somewhere. Don’t take risks, and don’t share personal information in social networks, messengers, etc. Malicious criminals can take advantage of it and hurt you or others.

Now you know how to manage your Telegram status and how to customize it. Now you don’t have to ignore the activities in Telegram and every time you have to worry that you can write at an unnecessary moment. All the settings are at your fingertips and it’s up to you how you configure your app.



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