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Here’s how Snapchat Streaks works

Snapchat Streak is a mini-game or a challenge in the app itself that can dilute your daily life and routine. How does this happen and what are the rules of this game? Below you will find a couple of tutorials on how to trigger the game and what happens if you break the rules.

What does Snapchat Streak mean and how does it impact your activity

Snapstreak is a measure of how many days without interruption you were able to share photos or videos with a particular friend. Using it, you can make sharing photos and videos much more interesting. You can increase your streak by sending and receiving photos from a friend each day. If you stay up for seven days, for example, then your streak value will be seven.

When you reach day 100 of Snapstreak, Snapchat will reward your commitment to Snapstreak with the number 100 next to the fire emoji. If you reach 500 days, you’ll receive a mountain emoji that tells everyone your relationship is strong.

How to See Your Snapstreaks

Snapstreak is labeled next to your friend’s name in the Conversations tab as a flame emoji. There may also be other emoji next to it, denoting various meanings of your relationship with your friend.

Another interesting thing is that next to the flame emoji, which signifies the presence of Snapstreak, you will also see points indicating the number of days that Snapstreak has been going on. For example, if you have lasted 15 days, then the number of points will be 15.

How to continue your Snapstreak

To maintain Snapstreak, you and your friend need to send each other pictures or videos every 24 hours. The prerequisite for continuing Snapstreak is that you both have to do it. If one of you misses the moment and doesn’t send a Snapstreak picture in time, Snapstreak will be interrupted. It’s strictly a team activity, you can only do it alone if you have more than one account.

You also have to clearly fall within the 24-hour time frame. You won’t have a timer to see how much time you have left before your Snapstreak ends. Shortly before time will end, an hourglass will appear next to the Snapstreak chat window, indicating that you’re out of time and that you need to hurry.

Which actions won’t affect your Snapstreak

Note that not all the actions in chats will support your Snapstreak. Extending it won’t help, for instance:

  • Regular texting on Snapchat won’t affect your Snapstreak.
  • If your friends you have Snapstreak with will see video and photo posts in your history, that won’t extend your Snapstreak. Videos and photos should be sent to their chat room, which is the only way Snapstreak will continue. This also works the other way around. If you watch videos and photos of your friends who you have Snapstreak with, it won’t count as well.
  • If you have a group with friends with whom you have Snapstreak and you want to continue Snapstreaks with them by sending a photo to this group, it won’t count. You’ll need to send a message to each of them individually in order for Snapstreak to continue.
  • Sending old Snapshots and videos will also not count. To extend Snapstreak, take new Snapshots and videos.
  • Sharing content through Snapchat Spectacles also doesn’t count. All content recorded with them won’t be counted.

How to start and maintain your Snapstreak

In the end, there are only two actions that can start and maintain Snapstreak. These are:

  1. Sending just taken photos to any of your friends individually.
  2. Sending just-shot videos to any individual friend.

However, if you miss the notice and forget to send the snapshot before the deadline, your Snapstreak will break. It can be frustrating to see a 300- or 500-day streak go to waste because you forgot to send a snapshot in one day. However, Snapchat allows you to start a new series with the same person immediately.

This is how and no other way you can start and keep Snapstreak active.

Remember, starting Snapstreak is very easy, as it requires two days and two snapshots from each participant. Maintaining it is also easy, and Snapchat even reminds forgetful users that their stripes are about to run out. Finally, having a series of long strips can boost your Snapchat score.

Now you know more about Snapchat and how it can be used not only for communication purposes but also as a game, a daily challenge that will stimulate you to fulfill mini-goals, thus increasing your social activity and activity during a boring routine. It is thanks to this challenge you will probably develop your creative thinking and use different ways to make the daily exchange of photos more interesting. For example, every day the picture should have a certain theme. This way you will not only have fun but also train your creativity.



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