As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How much is a Rose Gift worth on TikTok?

Good day, dear reader! In this article, I will bring you the mystery of the most popular and, at the same time, the cheapest TikTok gift — the Rose, namely its cost.

Okay, there’s actually no mystery. When you open any stream on TikTok, the first thing you see at the bottom right is a Rose Gift. So it already indicates that people use this gift more often than all the others.

That’s why Rose is worth only 1 TikTok coin. You can check it in the gifts list. That seems clear. But how much is it in real money?

Well, in a nutshell, 1 TikTok coin is $0.0182. So roughly speaking, a Rose Gift costs 2 cents. However, what if you want to send 100 or 1,000 Rose Gifts?

Let me show you how to calculate it all.

How to calculate how much a Rose Gift costs on TikTok

Well, it’s pretty simple. You don’t have to do it yourself anymore because we made the TikTok Coins Calculator for you. Just follow this link, scroll down to the calculator (or click on the “What is TikTok Coins Price?” paragraph in the table of contents), enter the coin amount, choose the currency, and click Calculate.

With a gift like Rose, you don’t need to multiply anything extra. 1 Rose Gift equals 1 TikTok Coin. So just enter the needed amount, and you will get the cost. Below I provide you with a table of prices for different amounts of Rose Gifts.

Number of Rose GiftsPrice in TikTok CoinsPrice, $

As you can see, for only $10, you can get coins for as much as 500 Roses. So if you want to donate to the creator in some way without having a lot of money, the Rose Gift is a great solution.

How many Roses do you need to give the creator for them to get $100?

As of today, TikTok takes a 50% commission on gifts that creators receive. Thus, a streamer needs to receive about 11,000 Roses to end up with $100 as earnings. In other words, if you want to make such a solo donation, you’ll need to spend $200 on coin packs.

I think the creator will be very surprised when they see that they got 11,000 Roses from one viewer.

For this reason, so that the streamer doesn’t pass out from such an amount, you can pick up another more expensive gift. For example, Interstellar and Sunset Speedway gifts are now available for 10,000 Coins. And for the rest, you can send a Disco Ball or a new and cute Magic Cat for 1000 Coins.

Why does TikTok have gifts in the form of roses?

TikTok is watched and created videos by people from different countries; to unify payments, the TikTok coin was invented, which became a universal means of payment. Sure, you can give coins, but there is no creativity in that; it’s trivial and uninteresting. But gifts are lovely, and the gifts are invented differently in price; one person is wealthy, he can give 1000 coins, and for another, one coin has value. That’s why the developers came up with the rose. You liked the video, but you only have a few coins. But you can give a flower and express your gratitude to the author.



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