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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to make a spoiler text on 4chan

Okay, you want to answer something on 4chan, and you don’t want to make it visible to everyone. For example, you want to discuss a movie or a series, and you understand that what you will write may be considered a spoiler. In this case, you may need to hide part of your text in the special spoiler tag.

This tag hides part of your message, so people can read it only after they will click on the show spoiler, confirming that they’re ready to face the possible spoiler.

Why should you use a spoiler tag?

  • It’s a rule of good manners. Realistically, if you have a spoiler, always hide it. Otherwise, you’ll look like someone who doesn’t know how to use imageboards and forums in general.
  • Sometimes it’s a good way to emphasize something important. Realistically, if you hide some of the information in a spoiler, people will likely read it more carefully.
  • This can be part of the fun; just hide the funny picture in a spoiler.

How to use a spoiler tag on 4chan

Hah, launch a web browser and go to 4chan…

Okay, let’s take this a little bit seriously.

You can use a spoiler tag both when you’re creating a new thread and replying to others’ posts.

  • I think you know how to use a 4chan, but if not, a simple clarification.

At least, the first time, I spent like 15 minutes finding out how to post my reply. Spoiler: when you click Reply to someone’s messages, you will see the page with replies, and the button Post a Reply will be located at the very bottom.

  • No matter whether you’re clicking on Start a New Thread or Post a Reply, you can use a spoiler tag.
  • Now, when your start writing a post or a reply, write [spoiler] to open the spoiler tag.
  • Here, write a text you want to be hidden.
  • Close the spoiler tag: [/spoiler]

After you enter the captcha (look at this blog about my attempts to guess it) and press Post, your post will contain a spoiler tag. On 4chan spoiler tag looks like black text, and you can read it only when you hover it with your cursor (or tap on it on mobile).

So hover it with a cursor to see what’s behind a black text.



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