As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.


Samsung QN90C vs QN90B

QN90C and QN90B offer excellent picture quality, and great brightness. My preference leans towards the QN90C due to its IPS panels. However, if you find a good deal on the QN90B, it's still a solid choice.

How much is a Lion gift on TikTok

That's one of the most expensive gifts you can buy on TikTok.

Samsung Q60C vs CU8000

Samsung Q60C vs. CU8000: Q60C wins with better picture, gaming, and features, but comes at a slightly higher price.

Samsung Q60B vs Q60C

A comparison between two nearly identical TVs Q60C vs Q60B, available at the same price; however, distinct differences exist between them.

Here’s a Netflix password-sharing workaround

With new Netflix policy update you can't share your Netflix password with people outside your household: here's what does it mean and what you can do.

How much is Hulu? Prices and plans compared

Hulu is a great streaming service to subscribe to, especially if you're a cord-cutter, as this streaming service offers a wide selection of TV series. The basic plan is $8.

How to choose the right streaming service for you

There are too many streamings all around. And if you like to watch different content, you may go crazy with subscription receipts. Especially when streaming services are raising their prices. So you need to choose the right one to use money wisely.

Does it worth buying iMac? Yes, here are 7 reasons why

I like the iMac and for good reason. Let's get to the bottom of it.

Why do we review some articles?

Here's why there's written "This article was reviewed by..."

What is HDR TV?

HDR is a technology that enriches the picture on your TV with a wider color gamut, higher color volume, contrast ratio, and more precise color accuracy.

How to find out who is phone number registered to?

That's not a trivial task to find who was calling you, but if you don't want to call back, you can search for number or use reverse phone lookup services.

How Google Chrome became the world’s most popular browser

The journey from 0% to 70% and 3.2 billion users.

Here’s how to get an alert when iPhone is fully charged

You can create a shortcut to notify you when iPhone is fully charged and that's convenient.

What does EUC mean on eBay?

EUC is one of the tags that may be included in the eBay offering, And it will help you to buy the best items and save money.

Stylus and Digital Pen: what’s the difference?

A stylus is a basic touchscreen input tool. While the digital pen has advanced capabilities that can be used for drawing and taking notes.

4chan captcha is a joke

Like 20 attempts. ONE success.

Which iMac color is best for you?

You can buy an iMac in the following colors: yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, green or silver. But which one should you choose?

How to send texts with a different phone number

There's a lot of options to send texts from a different phone number. You can buy second-SIM, ask your friend for a phone, or use text services.

X is the wrong name for social media. That’s why

The Twitter is gone, now it's X. And the name is bad.

How to call your own phone

There's a lot of options to find a misplaced phone: ask a friend to call you, use Find My or use third-party services.

That’s Apple Freeform and here’s my opinion on it

Apple's Freeform offers a variety of preset shapes that can be used like digital stamps on a canvas. You can also add text and pictures in the same way. But there are disadvantages to this app as well.

Who makes Hisense TVs? A detailed report

Hisense TVs are made by Chinese-based company Hisense Visual Technology Company. Now, Hisense is one of top-5 TV brands with the 10.6% market share.

Why are there no ultrawide TVs yet?

Ultra-wide TVs are great concept, but there are limitations that restrain them from mass-market. One of them, current manufacturing process and problems with aspect ratio adaptation.

Can you trust blue checkmarks on Gmail?

Google introduced blue checkmarks in Gmail on May 2023. The last among other social media, but there's still some concerns on whether we can rely on those check marks.