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GuidesWhat is a hashflag on Twitter?

What is a hashflag on Twitter?

Twitter is still among the most popular social networks, especially among celebrities, companies, and politicians. This social network allows you to send short messages that you can aggregate into one network using particular Hashtags or Hashflags.

However, many users get confused when they hear the word Hashflag and don’t know precisely what it means. There is nothing complicated here. To put it as simply as possible, a Hashflag is a hashtag with an emoji embedded in it. It serves as part of the Hashtag, and Twitter users call it a Hashflag. However, other social networks have such a fusion, but there is no Hashflag concept there. The point is that there are several differences. Let me explain to you in more detail why this is the case.

What are the differences between Hashflag and Hashtag?

Let me begin by briefly explaining to you what a Hashtag is. A hashtag is a tag that can link multiple posts together. Hashtags are viral on Instagram and Facebook. They allow you to create a feed of only those posts containing the hashtag. To put a Hashtag, you need to type an ampersand sign (#) in front of the word you want to turn into a Hashtag.

As I mentioned above, Hashflag is just a Hashtag along with an emoji at the end. Of course, you can also make a Hashtag with emojis on other social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook. However, there are slight differences, as you cannot add a regular emoji to a Hashtag to create a Hashflag.

The Hashtag and the emoji will be two different elements. You can only put a Hashflag using pre-made Hashtags with emojis already there by default on Twitter. The list is constantly updated, and new Hashflags are often added to the social network. So you might want to keep an eye on that.

Who can use Hashflag and how to use it

The next question you have is who can use the Hashflag and how you can put it. The answer to these questions is simple: all Twitter users can use Hashflags. It works the same way as with regular Hashtags. Let me show you an example. To put a Hashflag with the U.S. flag on it, you need the following:

  • Click the blue Plus button to create a new post on the main Twitter page.
  • Type in whatever you want to say, or just put an ampersand (#) immediately.
  • After that, write USA, and then you’ll automatically have a flag emoji added.

So you’ve turned your Hashtag into a Hashflag. There are a lot of Hashflags; you should start typing in the Hashtag you want and choose a Hashflag you like from the drop-down list. I suggest you research what Hashflags there are and use them to add your post to popular discussion threads rather than a Hashtag where there are 5-10 other posts. That way, you can increase the popularity of your post on Twitter.

How to create your Hashflag

If you liked the hashflags idea, the next thing you’ll be interested in is how to create your hashflags. Unfortunately, Twitter cannot yet create custom Hashflags. The Twitter administration adds them for viral Hashtags, abbreviations of different countries, or as a promotion of different products or shows at the request of companies.

Maybe because of the recent changes in Twitter’s management, they will soon add the ability to create custom Hashflags, but we have what we have now.

If you want to use Hashflag on a popular topic, I suggest you type in your query, and from the drop-down list of alternatives, search for Hashflag. Twitter is usually swift to add Hashflags to current topics.

What is a blue check in Twitter?

Another feature of Twitter is the blue tick next to the nickname of different users. The function of this checkmark has recently changed, which may confuse you. The thing is that previously the blue checkmark indicated verified users. It was given to various official accounts of politicians, celebrities, government organizations, large companies, and the like.

Recently, however, billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter and decided to change the process of receiving Blue Check Marks. Now every user can get a blue tick if they purchase a TVitter Blue subscription for a few dollars a month. Musk commented on this decision by saying that he thinks it is wrong to determine a person’s popularity by a blue tick.

Regardless, some accounts will also be verified by Twitter. The company said it is working on an alternative checkbox that would allow it to verify the official accounts of large companies, government agencies, and others.



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