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Microsoft Office

What does clicking and dragging the fill handle in Excel do?

One of the main functions in Excel is the fill handle. You should take a closer look at it, as it provides many non-obvious features.

How to create hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Hyperlinks can be very useful in your document. Here's how you can easily add them.

How to add a built-in bibliography without a preformatted heading in Microsoft Word

Sometimes you may need to add a built-in bibliography without a preformatted heading in Microsoft Word. Here's how.

How to automatically add citations and bibliography in Microsoft Word

You can easily add citations and bibliography to your Microsoft Word document using these simple steps.

How to use the IMAGE() function in Excel

This functions is now in beta, but you can already use it if you are Office Insider Program member.

How to use Microsoft Teams without an account

If you have an important Microsoft Teams meeting coming up and you don't have an account, that's no problem. Microsoft has added the ability for users to join even without an account.

How to add months to a date in Microsoft Excel

If you create monthly reports or make any tables that are tied to dates, it will be useful to know how to add months to dates in your table.

How to use strikethrough on any cell in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has many useful features and strikethrough is one of them. Follow these steps to apply it in your spreadsheet on any cell.

How to fix Microsoft Teams error 135011: Your Device Has Been Disabled

Sometimes an error code 135011 may appear on your screen when you try to...

How to add today’s date in Microsoft Excel

Even the most ardent users of Microsoft's services can sometimes be unaware of some...

How to сreate a vCard in Microsoft Outlook

Many of the regular users of laptops or Windows PCs have definitely encountered MS...

How to switch X and Y-axis in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has long been the most popular application for creating pages, charts, lists,...

What is a CSV file and how to use it?

Today's world is digitalized as much as possible. Every day people are confronted with...

How to send a calendar invite in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a free personal e-mail service from Microsoft. It's also available for...