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GuidesHow to duplicate a page in Word

How to duplicate a page in Word

If your job is to write or edit text documents, then Microsoft Word is the way to go. This is an excellent word processor that was released by Microsoft back in the 80s and has undergone a very long history of changes and improvements. All this has resulted from the fact that at the moment this program is the most used by writers, journalists, researchers, and office workers.

However, before you learn Microsoft Word thoroughly, you need to learn some of its functions, learn what features the program provides, what it can and can’t do. In general, you can study it for a long time, but that’s normal, everything comes with time. If in the process of writing/editing text, you realized that you need to make a duplicate page, then here you will find the answers and a couple of guides on how to do it.

How to duplicate a single page via Word

The easiest way is to copy and paste text, in case you just want to copy a page of text and put it in the same or in another document:

  • Use the mouse cursor and highlight all of the text in the page you want to duplicate
  • Press Ctrl+C (in case you’re using a Macbook/iOS, press Command + C) to copy the highlighted text on the page. Once done, place cursor back in the end of the pages
  • Then, select Insert > Blank Page. This will add a blank page to the end of your Word document
  • After that, place the cursor in the document where you want the duplicated page to be placed. However, if you want the duplicated page to be placed between two pages of the document, place the mouse cursor at the beginning of the page you want to be the second after inserted one and press Ctrl+(Command + V on Mac) to paste the page. This way you will insert the duplicated page instead of the previous page, and push the previous page further
  • However, if you prefer to paste the duplicated page at the end, just place the cursor at the top of the blank page and press Ctrl+V (Command + V on Mac)
  • You can use the following shortcuts to select all text:
    • For Windows PC, press CTRL + A to select all the text in the document, and if you’re using Mac – press Command + A to select all the text in the document
  • In case you need to jump from the current page to the next, you can also create a page break by hitting keyboard shortcuts
    • For Windows PC, press CTRL + Enter
    • For Macbook, press Command + Enter

How to duplicate a page in Word with the help of Macros

This method is very suitable if you need to copy chunks of text and duplicate them several times. They will be duplicated at the end of the main text. That is, for the main text to be copied and pasted as many times as you want, it’s best to use Macros. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

  • With the word document containing the page you want to duplicate open, select View > Macros > View Macros
  • In the Macros window, type the name of the macro and select Create
  • The code window will pop-up, just paste the following code:
    • Page = InputBox(“Enter the Page to Duplicate”)
      Count = InputBox(“Enter Number of times to duplicate”)
      With Selection
      .GoTo wdGoToPage, wdGoToAbsolute, Page
      For i = 1 To Count: .Paste: Next
      End With
  • Select the save icon and close the code window. Back in the document window, select View > Macro > View Macros
  • In the Macros window, select Run to initiate the macro
  • Then you will be asked what page to duplicate, and how many times to duplicate it
  • Then this script will duplicate the page you’ve selected the number of times you’ve selected. The duplicate pages will be appended at the end of the document

Now you can practice copying different chunks of text in these ways and make your work with text documents easier in the future. This is especially useful when you need to work with template layouts. This saves a lot of time and you will be pleased with the results.



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