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GuidesHow to sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

How to sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

Having multiple calendars with different appointments on each one is a sure path to double bookings and an argument with someone you’ve annoyed. Get more organized and more reliable by subscribing to your Outlook Calendar in Google Calendars.

Outlook and a Google Calendar (which is fairly obvious) will help you to achieve this goal, but you won’t need any plug-ins, add-ins, extensions, or 3rd party tools.

The iCal format is supported by both Microsoft and Google, iCal is short for “iCalendar.” This tool will help you to exchange calendar and schedule information between users and computers that have been around since the late 1990s. So, if you want to subscribe to iCals, you can do that by entering the right link. The information below will explain everything about that.

How to use an Outlook link to sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

An Outlook link should be obtained at first before you sync Outlook and Google Calendar using one of several devices. No additional plug-ins or extensions are need to be used in order to sync two calendars as both platforms use the same format. If you want to get the link from Outlook, you should follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  1. First of all, you shold open your “Office 365” account.
  2. After that, you should head to “Outlook” and tap on “Settings,” then you should click on “View All Outlook Settings.”
  3. Then, you should select “Calendar,”  after that, you should click on “Shared Calendars.”
  4. To get the link that you need, you should go to “Publish Calendar” section.
  5. Then, you should click on “Calendar,” after that, you should tap on “Can view all details,” then tap on “Publish.”
  6. Don’t forget to copy the “ICS link”, which is located below the HTML link at the bottom, in order to use later in Google.
  7. After you have acquired your Outlook calendar link, the synchronization should be finished. After that, you should open “Google Calendar.”
  8. Next, you should click on “Other calendars +” which you can find at the bottom of the page.
  9. Then, you should select “From URL.”
  10. After that, you should paste the link which you have saved before and click on “Add calendar.”
  11. In the “Other calendars” section in the bottom left area, you’ll see your Outlook calendar that you can select. The sync process is now complete.
  12. After you have finished the process, the clendar can be saved, its color may be changed and it can also be renamed. If you ever decide to disconnect the two calendars, you can do it by merely hovering over the calendar’s name and clicking on the X icon.

How to sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar on iPhone or iPad

If you are a user of an iPhone, you can also sync the two calendars. One option would be to create multiple accounts for emails, but that won’t solve the problem overall.

The method that is considered to solve the problem in the best way is to add both calendars to your iPhone or iPad Calendar app. This will give you an opportunity to see all your meetings in a clear and organized manner without having your Google and Outlook accounts synced. There is nothing complicated in this process, you should just follow some simple steps:

  1. First of all, you should open “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Then, you should select “Calendar” from the list.
  3. After that, you should click on “Accounts.”
  4. Then, your “Google” and “Outlook” accounts should be added to your iPhone or iPad.
  5. Slide the “Calendars toggle” to the right to sync all calendars.
  6. After the process has been finished, your calendar app will automatically display all data, and you’ll no longer face issues such as double booking or overlapping meetings.

Hope the article was helpful for you and now you know how to sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar and how to solve some issues connected with this problem.



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