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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Who makes KODAK printers?

KODAK, an iconic brand with a 131-year legacy in photography, videography, and printing, has faced significant hurdles in recent decades, culminating in bankruptcy. As the company strives towards recovery, its product line has narrowed, now focusing on a select array of consumer and industrial printers.

Given the challenges KODAK has encountered, including the closure of numerous facilities and a reduction in industrial capabilities, it raises the question: Who is behind the manufacturing of KODAK printers today? In the wake of financial constraints, it’s reasonable to speculate that KODAK might have opted to outsource production, a cost-effective and streamlined approach compared to the upkeep of their own manufacturing plants. Indeed, this is partially the case. Let’s delve deeper into the current manufacturing processes for KODAK’s products.

The difference between Kodak printers

Following its bankruptcy and the ongoing recovery efforts, Kodak has ceased the production of many of its traditional offerings. Currently, the company’s focus is narrowed down to four primary sectors: Traditional Print, Digital Print, Advanced Materials & Chemicals, and Brand Licensing. Within the Kodak portfolio, there are two distinct categories of printers being produced: industrial and consumer.

Kodak’s involvement in manufacturing is confined to the industrial printer sector. This means that these printers aren’t available for the average consumer to purchase off the shelf; they are designed for and sold to large-scale printing businesses, with price points reflecting their industrial utility. Hence, Kodak’s manufacturing efforts are squarely aimed at serving the industrial side of the printing market.

Kodak industrial printer

Conversely, the consumer printer segment has been externalized to third-party manufacturers. Kodak has granted the licensing rights for its brand to two entities: Prinics Co., Ltd., based in Korea, and C+A Global, located in the United States. Both of these companies are in the business of creating compact printers tailored for photo printing. Although these products bear the Kodak brand name, their development and production are entirely handled by these partner companies.

Kodak consumer printers, detailed report

Prinics Co., Ltd., situated in Suwon, South Korea, operates both its manufacturing and development activities locally. Since 2016, this company has been in partnership with Kodak, focusing on the creation of printers and instant print cameras under the Kodak brand. As of now, Prinics Co., Ltd. contributes two specific models to the Kodak lineup: the KODAK Mini Photo Printer and the KODAK Photo Printer Dock, both of which embody the compact and user-friendly design

C+A Global, headquartered in Edison, NJ, USA, extends its operations globally with a development center in Mohali, India, and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China. This American entity is another licensee producing products under the Kodak brand. Their collaboration with Kodak commenced in 2018, during which they expanded Kodak’s product offerings to include printers, instant print cameras, film scanners, and projectors. Among the products C+A Global contributes to the Kodak portfolio is the KODAK SMILE Instant Print Digital Printer.

Who makes Kodak industry printers?

Kodak continues to directly oversee the production of its industrial printers, a sector where it has maintained its own development and manufacturing efforts. In the past, Kodak also ventured into consumer printers, but the landscape changed drastically following the company’s bankruptcy declaration in 2012. This led to the sale of numerous assets and the discontinuation of various product lines. Presently, Kodak’s innovation and manufacturing efforts are concentrated on the industrial printing segment.

By managing the design and production of these industrial printers within their own facilities, Kodak ensures complete oversight of the manufacturing process, which is pivotal for maintaining the high quality and performance standards the brand is known for. In addition to printers, Kodak also produces ancillary products essential to the printing process, such as specialized printing chemicals and photographic paper. The majority of this manufacturing takes place in the United States.

Where is Kodak’s own printer production facility located?

Kodak’s primary manufacturing hub is nestled in the United States, within the expansive confines of Eastman Business Park, historically known as Kodak Park. This vast industrial complex is located in Rochester, New York, and has been a cornerstone of Kodak’s operations since its inception in 1890. For decades, it stood as the globe’s largest site dedicated to the production of photographic products, boasting over 15,000 employees and spanning 154 buildings.

Eastman Business Park

Eastman Business Park

The landscape of Eastman Business Park underwent significant changes following Kodak’s bankruptcy filing in 2012. The company initiated the sale of substantial assets within the park, including several buildings, a coal-fired power plant, and numerous land parcels. The park has also become a hub for various other businesses, primarily startups focused on photographic products and other innovative ventures, which now lease manufacturing space within the complex.

Additional Production Sites

In addition to its American facilities, Kodak maintains a production site in Germany, situated in the town of Osterode am Harz. The specifics regarding the range of products manufactured at this German facility remain undisclosed by Kodak. Given Kodak’s presence in the European market, particularly in the realm of printers, it’s conceivable that some of these offerings could be produced in Europe.

Previous Locations of Kodak Production Facilities

Kodak previously boasted a global manufacturing footprint, with facilities spread across various continents to meet the worldwide demand for its products. However, following the bankruptcy in 2012, many of these facilities were shut down and eventually sold off. Kodak’s product manufacturing was previously located in the following places:

  • Australia: Kodak (Australasia) had its manufacturing in Melbourne.
  • Canada: Kodak Canada ULC operated a facility in Toronto, within the industrial park known as Kodak Heights, which closed in 2006.
  • China: Kodak (Xiamen) was located in Xiamen.
  • United Kingdom: Kodak Limited (UK) had several facilities in Harrow, Morley, Kirkby, and Annesley.



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