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GuidesWhat does Alt+F4 do, explained

What does Alt+F4 do, explained

To make it easier for users to work on the computer, there are so many shortcuts. The information below will cover those ones: Alt+F4; Ctrl+F4; Ctrl+W.

How to close the app with Alt + F4

What is Alt + F4

Alt + F4. This keyboard shortcut closes the app that is used on your laptop or computer right now.

There are some slight differences between Alt + F4 and Ctrl + F4. Ctrl + F4 closes the particular tab or window which was used currently. For instance, if you had several tabs open while surfing through the net, Alt + F4 may be used to close the whole web browser, while Ctrl + F4 may be used to close just one tab that is currently opened.

Alt + F4 is available for Windows 10 and all other Windows editions.

To activate this command, you should click on the Alt key and the F4 key at the same time. To do this in another way, you should tap and hold the Alt key, then, while still holding down the Alt key, press the F4 key.

What to do if Alt + F4 doesn’t work

In case you can’t activate Alt + F4, an active app can be closed by using Task Manager. You should click on Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then you should tap Task Manager in order to do that. You may also click on Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager or right-click on the program that you want to close and press on “End task” instead.

Users often face the issue that the command doesn’t work on laptops or multifunction keyboards. It may be caused by the types of keyboards, as the function keys may be also used to adjust the brightness of your screen or playback volume. To use the Alt + F4 shortcut on these types of keyboards, you should click on the Fn key at the same time (Alt + Fn + F4).

How to use Ctrl + F4 in the browser and other apps

How to use the Ctrl+F4 keyboard shortcut

To activate this command, you should click and hold either Ctrl key, and while continuing to hold, tap the F4 key.

What is Ctrl+F4 in an Internet browser

If you click on Ctrl + F4 in all popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, it will close the active window, or the whole browser in case if only one tab is open.

What is Ctrl+F4 in Excel and other spreadsheet programs

You can use this command in order to close the active workbook in some spreadsheet programs and, of course, Excel.

What is Ctrl+F4 in Microsoft Windows

In Microsoft Windows, if you click on Ctrl + F4, the command will close the active tab or window in a program that multiple tabs or windows are supported by.

What the Ctrl + W key shortcut does

How to use the Ctrl+W

To activate this command, you should click and hold either Ctrl key, and while continuing to hold, press W.

What is Ctrl+W in an Internet browser

In order to close the particular tab, in the most popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, you should click on Ctrl + W. In case there is only one tab opened, the browser will be closed by clicking on Ctrl + W.

To restore or undo a closed tab use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Tab.

What is Ctrl+W in Excel

The particular workbook will be closed by activating this command in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

In case you click on Ctrl + W while editing the contents of the cell, nothing will be cleared.

What is Ctrl+W in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you want to close the particular presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, you should activate the command by clicking on the Ctrl + W keyboard.



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